The classic masterpiece visual novel RPG is released, “Brown Dust Story” is launched on dual platforms- Hong Kong mobile game network

“Brown Dust Story” is a visual novel RPG game themed on the classic collection RPG “Brown Dust”. Became the head of a mercenary group overnight?

◆An extraordinary adventure story of an ordinary mercenary group!
Because of his father’s betrayal, he became the protagonist of the fugitive overnight
Holding the great dream of “more money, less work”, the mercenary group was founded!
But what awaits them is the adventure journey of various “high-risk commissions”…

◆ Wonderful combination of novel and RPG!battle in story, story in battle
A unique structure that fills the adventure story with a single battle
Obviously playing a game but unknowingly finished reading a novel?
The wonderful story with all kinds of details can’t be left behind, so you can’t extricate yourself!

◆Classic and familiar turn-based combat method!
A cruel turn-based RPG world where the difference between only one round determines the outcome!
Inherit the unique fighting style of the previous turn-based RPG Brown Dust!
Conquer the enemy with intelligence and strategy!

◆Do you want to sign a contract with me?

The probability is zero burden, you can get it after signing the contract!

Follow the storyline, you can sign a contract with the character and be included in your own mercenary group!

Sign contracts with your favorite characters and collect secret stories!

◆Collect all kinds of side story episodes!

From a heart-pounding love story to a twist-and-turn thriller episode!

Let’s collect rumored episodes of various themes according to the series!

Funnier than webtoons and more addictive than web novels, this visual novel RPG!

◆Finally reveal the back stories of the characters of Brown Dust!

Enjoy the story with the high-quality original art of the previous work!

Immerse yourself in the characters of Brown Dust, a story that is more fiction than fiction!

Check out the secrets of the characters hidden in each chapter!

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