The climate crisis, Moshe Dayan and more: everything about the Israel Festival

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The Israel Festival 2022, is launched and will be held this year at a new date, on the dates 15.9.22-22.9.22 and under the direction of the new artistic directors Itai Mautner and Michal Vaeknin. The festival is being held under the leadership of CEO Eyal Sher, and with the participation of the new chairman of the festival, attorney Inbar Nacht.

This year the Israel Festival is happy and proud to open the main international show Sun and Sea – one of the most talked about productions in the world and the big winner of the Venice Biennale –to the general public at no cost.

This world you are looking at from above is the world of Sun & Sea – a performative opera that touches on the climate crisis. Elegantly, cunningly and out of a desire to bring about change, this fascinating work offers a new way to connect to the discussion about the great crisis, and manages to be fun, spectacular and effective at the same time.

Sun & Sea was the big winner of the Venice Biennale in 2019, and since then has been hosted at the biggest and most important festivals in the world.

The festival will be held under the management of the new artistic directors Itai Mautner and Michal Vaeknin and under the leadership of the CEO Eyal Sher, with the participation of the new chairman of the festival, attorney Inbar Nacht.

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More at the festival:

Night train to Izmir – a Turkish-Israeli musical celebration: An ongoing and informal dialogue between Ankara and Jerusalem, between Izmir and Tel Aviv and between Istanbul and Sderot. Something about the sound that comes from Turkey manages to move us and become a source of inspiration for local musicians. On this axis, between Israel and Turkey, music was created and is being created that has become one of the hallmarks of our region. For one unique, celebratory and particularly exciting evening, the best musicians from here and there will unite to perform this music on stage in a huge concert full of love and a boundless party.

VHS Greetings from the past – a staged interpretation of the family archive: Everyone has forgotten VHS tapes stored in the depths of the warehouse or the computer. Time capsules in faded colors and flickering frames that tell stories of life – family events, trips, lost memories, exaggerated hairstyles, first words. Time moved these tapes and memories from the living room shelves to the dusty shelves of oblivion.

Temple of the Eye – a renewed show-exhibition-ceremony led by Gon Ben Ari and Oren Fisher: In 1974, Shmuel Fisher established the “Eye Temple” in the south of Israel, a house of prayer that worships the missing eye of Moshe Dayan, and a place of worship for the “nothing” dimension. The temple was the sweet soda of Bohemia. But in 2021 the temple was discovered in its entirety in the Dayan family’s estate, and a new question popped to the surface – is it possible that Dayan bought the temple not to get rid of it but to perform psychoactive mystical work in it?

Hilula – a boundless celebration between Marrakesh and Jerusalem (Morocco-Israel): On the stage of the Jerusalem Theater will be held Hilula: a personal and contemporary interpretation of Neta Elkaim and Amit Chai Cohen who draw a horizon between Morocco and Israel. More than twenty artists, from Morocco and here, will join together and create a blend between hafla, musical performance, cabaret, documentary theater and modern hamara. The audience, who will sit together with the performers on the same stage, will become an essential part of the great celebration, hosting and being entertained, in a one-time evening created especially for the festival.

Convenient solutions for a happy life – a dance that assembles a piece of furniture and dismantles concepts (France) The work of Theo Marcia and Steven Michel: The bombardment of marketing messages in a multi-corporate world tries to convince us that happiness is a product and that the right life is an idea on a shelf waiting for us to buy it. In an attempt to challenge the fashionable trend of designing the right life, the visual artist Theo Marcia and the choreographer and dancer Steven Michel created a performative dance work that assembles (and perhaps dismantles) the representation of a “better everyday life” – during the performance the performer (who is himself half a person and half a piece of furniture) assembles the The iconic shelving unit of “Ikea” – the same corporation that promises “beauty for all and democratization of design”. The new context turns the assembly instructions into a longing song for nature, childhood and motherly warmth.

Evacuation – choreographic action of forms of resistance: Almost every day there is an evacuation. on economic, security, criminal or political grounds. Publicized and documented evacuation and quiet evacuation that takes place at night. In all cases this is a group that stands against capital and the nation. People who lose their homes. Through the composition of movement, architecture, video, music and documentary sound, in the twilight zone between dance and violence, we will experience moments of evacuation on a 1:1 scale.

1,000 ways Encounters with the stranger and the unknown. A work in three parts (USA) The work of the theater troupe 600 Highwaymen: In “1,000 Ways” there are no actors, there are only you. The three parts of the work celebrate and examine the direct human encounter in three ways. The first way is a phone call, the second is a one-on-one meeting on the theater stage, and the third is a small gathering of an audience. In the three parts the experience is driven by a chain of simple and clear instructions.

Nona – a multi-participant staged event in the living room: On two armchairs joined together, in the center of a living room in the Nachalot neighborhood, Sarah Siegel lies and refuses to move so that she does not lose her memory. This is the living room of Nona, her grandmother, an extraordinary Holocaust survivor, who did not want to die.

Untitled document – A single show where everything is said without being heard. Ari Teperberg sits alone on stage in front of his personal computer, typing in real time on a Google Doc document. We read what he types. He writes himself letter by letter: dives into forgotten folders, stretches links to the world around him, opens the tabs of his life, shares feelings and emotions, and says a lot without making a sound. In the end everything was deleted. Preserved in the cloud between Ari and us, and backed up by the shared memory. until it disappears from there too.

(Photo: Gilad Bar Shalu)

The gentle voice of the dial tone – Father and son meet on stage and look for a common language.

They are two on stage. The son is a director, dancer and creator who likes to develop unique stage mechanisms, and the father is a real estate agent, a Jerusalemite with every fiber of his soul, a trumpeter to the drawer. The stage is their physical and emotional space of action. There, in a territory where the son feels at home and the father a guest, they can meet, talk , to dance, sing, learn and teach each other. There they can (perhaps) abandon traditional roles and memories of the past, and allow the stage to be their temporary territory, a poetic space, a field of experiment.

present perfect – an improvised show that worships the now. There is no navigation app that knows how to take us here and now. In an attempt to connect to this elusive and sublime moment, which is constantly changing, Itay Zebulon and Daniel Koren created a show that opens a door to the present. With a brilliant mix of well-honed humor, blessed nonsense, music, improvisation and meditative basics you can disconnect from it all and experience the never-ending wonder of the now. A one-off and alchemical original work that will move you between disturbed laughter and a sober and admiring look at the present.

Let the water flow – A ceremony of music and dance on the Israel-Japan axis. An earthquake in eastern Japan moves rescue teams over 10,000 km away and creates a surprising human connection between a small country in the Middle East and the land of the rising sun. The connection has been maintained for a decade and it is precisely a global epidemic that brings it to fruition – Boom Fem, a Levantine surf rock band connects to artists and creators from Japanese traditions who grew up in the region where the earth rumbled, and records a joint mini-album with them in a new musical language.A show that distills beauty from destruction and creates from the solidarity of creators.

Freedom (Svovoda) Artistic directors: Daria Geller, Daria Shulga, Yuval Or. For immigrants and refugees arriving from Russia and Ukraine following the ongoing war, the quest for freedom is fateful. In the Russian and Ukrainian languages ​​as one, the word for freedom is the same – -свобода (Svoboda Is it possible to create when your freedom is in danger?

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