The climate on Justice remains hot. Conte will see Draghi on Monday – The parliamentary climate on justice reform remains hot. Giuseppe Conte will meet Prime Minister Mario Draghi on Monday morning and the M5s parliamentarians are ready – and hope – to have a confrontation with the Movement’s leader in pectore. in the meantime Amendments to the text presented by the government are being finalized. How many? A dozen, hundreds up to stonewalling? At the moment it is not known, but, certainly, the conditions and the will to withdraw from the intention to modify the text are not there.

Meantime the Executive itself has developed 25 proposals for amendments – the result of the agreement in the CDM – which ended up on the table of the Chamber’s Justice Committee. And it cannot be ruled out that the game risks ending after the summer break.

Ending on the grill – completely cooled by the announcement of the agreement between Conte and Grillo – last Sunday, were the M5s ministers ‘summoned’ by the groups to explain the change of course that led the pentastellati from abstention to the unanimous yes with which the CDM also approved the prescription reform.

Leading personalities of M5s remain to focus the spotlight on the defects of the proposed rules, and the rumor that goes around in Parliament is that if something does not change there will be those who will withdraw from the favorable vote. Among those who point the index is the former undersecretary of via Arenula con Bonafede.

He writes Vittorio Ferraresi: “I would very much like to know, given that Matteo Salvini has confirmed the full support of the Lega’s proposals for the reform of the criminal justice Cartabia, if he, in addition to Bongiorno and Nicola Molteni, who in the past legislature fought fierce battles against some institutions that today with those proposals are extended, support and will support these measures that go to widen impunity even for serious crimes including those of a sexual nature and against women? The further reduction of the sentence in the abbreviated judgment (in addition to that of 1/3) of a additional sixth in case of non-appeal by the accused (even for serious crimes such as sexual violence, against the public administration, robbery, etc …) “.

Ferraresi continues: “The elimination of foreclosures for sexual offenses from the concordat on appeal (institution that serves to find an agreement between the prosecutor and the defendant for the sentence to be imposed on appeal, for practical purposes translates into a further penalty discount also for these serious crimes). Proceedings on complaint and no longer ex officio also for some intimidating crimes. The possibility for the judge to impose the sanction of home detention or semi-release instead of imprisonment for up to 4 years “which means” zero days of prison “, ‘complaint’. The judge “will be able to evaluate a day of public utility work inflicted on the offender up to 2,500 euros! The exclusion of punishment due to particular tenuousness of the fact, or to archive considering the small crime, from crimes with penalties up to 5 years to the crimes with a minimum penalty of up to two years (including crimes against women such as revenge porn, stalking, forced marriage, fraud, crimes against the public administration, drug dealing, environmental crimes, against animals, etc.). the trial of the accused, which allows the person to cancel the process with a conduct of the subject, the possibility arises from crimes with a penalty of up to 4 years, to crimes with a penalty of up to 6 years (they will be chosen during the delegated decree phase, among which some of the crimes of those above). We continue with the dismantling of the certainty of the penalty and a devastating message of impunity that will certainly lead to convenience in the crime “, is the j’accuse of the deputy.

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