The closure of the Grand Paris metro will not be completed in 2030

The closure of the Grand Paris metro will not be completed in 2030

The deadline is shifted by “a few months”, according to program officials, which portends an opening in 2031.

The Grand Paris metro will not be completed as planned in 2030, the full opening of the circular line havingprobably a few months lag“, told AFP the president of the Société du Grand Paris (SGP), Jean-François Monteils. “We are going to break the course of 2030, we are going to reset the deadline for commissioning the last two sections“On line 15, from Pont de Sèvres to Saint-Denis Pleyel then to Champigny, explained Jean-François Monteils on Tuesday.

The SGP is in charge of building 200 km of automatic metro, with four new lines numbered from 15 to 18 and the extensions of line 14. Articulating around a circular line, several branches are to connect the airports of Orly and Roissy, the scientific center of Saclay and the sensitive districts of Seine-Saint-Denis.

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The lines are divided into several batches, each with a calendar. “We do not concretely have an offer that is to be put into service in 2030“, for the realization of the lot going from Pont de Sèvres to La Défense and Courbevoie, in the west, he noted. Jean-François Monteils refused to advance an opening date until the group responsible for its construction has been chosen.

«The last deadline for the Grand Paris Express will not be 2030“, most “we are not two years awaybehind schedule, he said, hinting at a 2031 opening goal.We shift a few months, and we feel much more robust on the overall schedule“, he underlined. The boss of the SGP does not think that the other three lots on line 15 north and east of Paris the two sections15 west» et «15 is» of the circular line being divided into four lots, the construction of which will be entrusted to a construction group will be further delayed.

The schedule for the rest of the work on the Grand Paris metro, updated in July 2021, is however confirmed. “We’re perfectly on timefor the extensions of line 14 expected for the 2024 Olympic Games, to the north as far as Saint-Denis Pleyel and to the south at Orly airport, noted Jean-François Monteils in particular. It is then the “15 sud», first section of the circular line, which should open at the end of 2025 between Pont de Sèvres, Champigny and Noisy-Champs.


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