The coalition’s incorrect and unwise actions led to an internal collapse.

Just a few months ago, the national camp secured a stable government with a 64-seat coalition of the ‘full right’. However, during the two-month-long coalition negotiations, parties were more focused on securing positions and resources, rather than running the government responsibly. The legal reform announced by Levin and Rothman was expected to be comprehensive, but the government lacks responsible leadership to manage the coalition efficiently. Recent incidents such as passing of controversial laws or tweets have sparked protests against the government, beyond the legal reform. There seems to be no comprehensive thought and political planning to avoid such incidents, which strengthens the image of a detached government. The coalition needs to reset itself before it ends up like Bennet-Lapid government, which collapsed after two months. The Prime Minister and coalition leaders must manage it efficiently and prevent future malfunctions. From legal reform to managing public protests, the coalition needs to act smartly and responsibly.

Do you remember that just five months ago, the national camp won the elections overwhelmingly, with the prospect of a stable government based on a 64-seat coalition of the ‘full right’?

The first swallow to the mess already appeared during the coalition negotiations, which were spread over two whole months, during which all the parties tried to grab as much loot as possible, demand as many budgets and positions as possible, and prove that they manage to bend more.

Some will say that by a miracle, and in the 90th minute, the sixth Netanyahu government was sworn in, but the rest and inheritance did not come.

The issue is not necessarily the legal reform – which was announced in advance to be more dramatic and comprehensive than Levin and Rothman planned – but that the coalition is simply not managed and does not have a responsible landlord.

Rothman, Levin and Netanyahu (Photo: Yonatan Zindel, Flash 90)

As the cliché goes, with power comes responsibility, and it seems that returning to power blinded too many coalition members, who forgot that every statement, bill or outburst can have a dramatic meaning.

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A few illustrative examples: the law to increase punishment for those who come immodestly to the Wall, tweets in favor of burning the village of Hawara, passing comments against the United Arab Emirates, a law to add mandates to the coalition, the firing of a senior police officer live.

The protest against the government began around the legal reform, but very quickly the demons were released and the struggle expanded far beyond the legal issue.

Responsibility is left behind

Instead of having a responsible adult, who will manage the coalition, it seems that the person who is honest in his eyes will do, and the government itself only adds fuel to the fire.

(Photo: Yonatan Zindel/Flash 90)

Even tactically, it errs and falls into ignorance, which a wise management would have known to avoid. This is the case, for example, in the overturning of the electronic shackle law, which caused a great uproar due to the insistence of Minister Ben Gabir.

A serious coalition management would pass the sensitive bill in a preliminary reading, and make sure to change it down the road. But there is no comprehensive thought and political planning, and thus the detached image of the current government has been strengthened.

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Next week, the winter conference will end and a month-long break will begin, after Independence Day. Exactly at this point a year ago, the final disintegration of the Bennet-Lapid government began, until it finally collapsed after about two months.

If this coalition wants life and longevity, it must reset itself.

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Wanted: Manager

The Prime Minister, the leaders of the factions and the chairman of the coalition must move to manage it and prevent malfunctions in advance, in contrast to the last three months when they dragged and put out fires everywhere.

Netanyahu himself promised last night (Thursday) that from now on “I will enter the event and I will put aside all other considerations”. This is also true for softening the legal reform, but it should also be reflected in the other issues of running the country and maintaining the coalition.

Around the corner awaits the approval of the state budget, a sensitive security and political situation and the continued promotion of legal reform, all this alongside the continuation of a public protest that is going nowhere.

The coalition needs to change its pattern of action, and remember that it must not only act correctly, it must also act smart.


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