The coat worn by Michelle Obama for Biden’s inauguration resembles those of Kidman in “The Undoing”

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Did anyone remind you of Michelle Obama wrapped in the burgundy maxi coat worn over trousers and shirt of the same color at Biden’s inauguration ceremony? But Nicole Kidman aka Grace Fraser of course, with the long coats to scream (and also of the same color as that of the former first lady) sported in ‘The Undoing’. They are the protagonists, like and at this point more than the star, of the HBO / Sky series that is keeping fashion victim spectators glued to videos and sites, whereas the specialty search engine Stylight found a 60 percent increase in clicks for coats similar to those Kidman wore on her walks in Central Park and on the streets of Manhattan.

In fact, it is necessary to be satisfied with trivial imitations to take possession of the superstar coat of the high psychological tension series, that olive green down to the calves, in velvet but with an astrakhan fur effect, empire style. The stylist of the Signe Sejlund series created it with her own hands, at this point more star than Kidman, who, interviewed all over the world, explained the philosophy of the success of her looks, on and off TV: “All women dream of a coat that makes them feel protected, safe and at the same time elegant: I have done nothing but bring them to the screen ”.

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Michelle e Barack Obama

Wanting to be satisfied with the cashmere scarf with which Kidman accompanies the green coat, however, the original by Etro can be traced. IS as long as you find the courage to put on Mediterranean physicists the models worn by the unreachable Australian stangona, also the other coats, although customized for her with some skilful retouching by Sejlund, are on the market: the burgundy dressing gown is by Max Mara (and also on sale on the e-commerce site along with others dresses from the series) the floral coat on beige with belt on the wasp waist is by Etro.

Coats aside, the screaming dress of the series is undoubtedly the long and pleated one with a vertical neckline on the windowsill, a bit like an ancient Greek, that Kidman-Fraser wears in the gala evening from which the yellow involving her unravels husband Hugh Grant. It is a creation of Givenchy and on e-commerce sites it is on sale for the modest sum of seven thousand dollars, including a thirty percent discount.


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