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December 2, 2021

The development of new chips can now be accelerated through Cadence’s Tempus Timing Signoff solution and TSMC’s technologies, which are available on the Cadence CloudBurst cloud platform and Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

Cadence has announced that following its partnership with TSMC and Microsoft to leverage cloud infrastructure to accelerate the timing of designs with more than 10 billion transistors, it is now possible to accelerate the development of new chips using Cadence’s Tempus Timing Signoff solution and TSMC technologies, which are available On the Cadence CloudBurst cloud platform and on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

“The collaboration with Cadence and Microsoft through the TSMC OIP Cloud Alliance, has given our shared customers access to our advanced technologies,” said Sok Lee, Vice President of the Planning Infrastructure Management Division at TSMC. For details and more information on the collaboration, you can download a position paper that includes strategies for improving scalability in the cloud, as well as detailed examples of using Cadence’s Tempus Timing Signoff solution and Azure Cloud IT’s best practices from Microsoft.

Cadence provides electronic design tools and employs about 9,000 people. In 2020, its sales totaled about $ 2.7 billion. The company is traded on NASDAQ at a market value of about $ 48.5 billion. Cadence in Israel operates in two development and sales sites, in Haifa and Petah Tikva, which together employ about 300 development people and are managed by Prof. Ziad Hanna.

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