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The artist from the Marches created the tables for 2022, Gianluca Fol had signed the 2021 edition. The CEO Massimo Pizzori: This is how the new cycle of illustrators starts

What will 2022 be? A year full of colors, energy and dynamism. You can understand by looking at the new Epson Calendar, entrusted to creativity, inspiration and visual strength by the illustrator Marco Goran Romano. The calendar, in a limited and numbered edition (800 copies not for sale) was presented on Monday 22 in a dedicated event in the rooms of the Cavallerizze of the Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology in Milan.

The Epson calendar project – recalled Massimo Pizzori, CEO of Epson Italy – born in 2001, we worked with the great masters of photography such as Giovanni Gastel and Gianni Berengo Gardin. In 2021 we boldly decided to open a new cycle, that of illustrators. The first artist was Gianluca Fol, who created the calendar for the current year; the second, Marco Goran Romano, author of the 2022 calendar. Pizzori continues: Last year we were unable to make the public presentation, this is a double event.

The two artists were both present on Monday 22nd and their works were exhibited in the rooms. The project Colorseeker. The origin of colors by Fol e Heritage. Sediments over time by Romano: the first a space trip (born when the pandemic could not move, it was a way of traveling, Fol recalled); the second, a journey through time, through our visual memory. In Marco Goran Romano’s work, a scenario every month within which there are crafts but also cultural styles and social customs that have been deposited from the 1920s to the present day.

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I am convinced – explained Romano – that a person who works with images cannot ignore the artistic experiences of the past. We are made of what we eat, even from a visual point of view. S.we are like sponges, we hold back what we see. Hence the intuition of rendering this sedimentation of knowledge through elements and details that return from one table to another, from one decade to the next, in a stratification of worlds.

Marchigiano di Jesi, recognized and awarded internationally in the fields of design and illustration, Romano state resident illustrator by Wired (Italian edition); he specifies how in these works on the months color is a key element which transcends time and influences the way we perceive our present and therefore express ourselves. His tables impose themselves on the viewer’s eye with energy and dynamism. A chromatic vitality enhanced by the advanced professional printing systems Epson, a world leader in the technology sector.

Gianluca Fol – whose work for the 2021 Calendar was among other things selected by the Society of Illustrators of New York, among the major international awards – today art director of the same series of Epson calendars dedicated to illustration.

Fol and Romano are very different from each other in terms of style and working method: Fol uses paper and ink in the traditional way, then with a scanner he brings the work digitally; Romano does everything digitally: The sketch – he explains – made with a graphic tablet; I use computer and vector graphics. Fol to define the work done by the colleague for the calendar a sort of time machine that is characterized by the originality of the chromatic language and the visual composition.

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The tables of the timepiece invite you to travel through the ages: they start from the aesthetics of the 1920s (January) with a female figure in evidence, a modern woman in a world of work that was changing; they revive, in environments and details, the Art Dco taste (February) and the Modernist one (March) of the thirties and forties; they give space to the Rockabilly, Mod, Funk seasons and to the trends of the Sixties and Seventies (for the months from April to June); and still see the emergence of acid colors of the eighties (July) and the nuance green and pink of the Nineties (August); with the new millennium atmospheres take shape hypster (September) and hip hop (October); finally, the gaze goes forward, to the digital reality (November) e to an idea of ​​the future yet to be written, but which already has a visual horizon: an almost Martian panorama (December). Among the professions and creative professions chosen by Romano di volta as icons of the various eras, interior decorators, writers, photographers, deejays, video game programmers, chefs parade in no particular order …

The project

The illustrator Marco Goran Romano (Goran a stage name added to his birth name) lives in Jesi (Ancona) where he founded the Sunday Bro studio which deals with lettering and type design; among other things, he teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata and at the European Institute of Design in Turin. The project for the 2022 Calendar is entitled Heritage. Sediments over time. Gianluca Fol, art director of the Epson calendar series dedicated to illustration and author of the 2021 Calendar with Colorseeker. The origin of colors. The Epson 2022 Calendar printed in limited edition (in 800 copies) and not for sale. (photo shoot by Daniele Portanome)

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