The committee’s Olympic home may be in Petah Tikva

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Asi Maman

Yigal Carmi (Radad Jabara)

The Israeli Olympic Committee is stepping up the process of establishing the new Olympic House, through the public committee set up by the outgoing chairman of the Olympic Committee, Yigal Carmi, who will lead the project. Zvi Firon and Batya Braff Malichon, former athlete Amit Lang, former director general of the Ministry of Economy and director general of Mekorot Operations, real estate entrepreneur and former chairman of the Tennis Association, Asi Tochmeier, and Gili Amir, chairman of the outgoing sailing association.

In recent months, there has been a great deal of interest among a number of local authorities in the center of the country, and the committee will examine in depth the various proposals in order to recommend to the management of the Israel Olympic Committee in which city the Olympic House will be built in the coming months.

Today (Thursday) a meeting was held at the offices of the Olympic Committee in Israel with the Mayor of Petah Tikva, Rami Greenberg, the city engineer and his staff. The Mayor of Petah Tikva is the first to present a presentation to the Public Committee for the Establishment of the Olympic House with a cohesive proposal for the establishment of the Olympic House in the city of Petah Tikva. House of the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne.


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