The Community of Madrid will allocate 9 million to new rental aid in 2024 — idealista/news

The Community of Madrid will allocate 9 million to new rental aid in 2024 — idealista/news

2023-09-21 14:44:54

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayusohas announced that they will allocate 9 million euros for one new call for rental aid which will include a part for young people.

He did it in the control session of the Plenary session of the Madrid Assembly in response to the question from the leader of Más Madrid, Mónica García, who has demanded that the young rental voucher to applicants who have not yet received it.

The regional leader has assured that has delivered 97.5% of the 63 million euros allocated and he has joked about the luck that García has had to be able to know the cases of the small remaining margin.

In its intervention has charged against the Government of Spain because the youth rental aid has been “a governmental botch” with a royal decree that was “full of inaccuracies.” She has been criticized by critics when “all the autonomies” are moving at a “similar or worse” pace, citing as an example the 62% of Catalan applicants who have not received it.

Likewise, it has taken advantage of the management of housing in the Community with strategies such as Plan Vive or My First Home in the face of the Housing Law that has “prevented urban developments” and has created “insecurity” for landlords. “Do not attack bricks and companies. We are working, please do not disturb“, He has launched.

García, for his part, has pointed to the “abusive” increases in the rental market 40% in three years and has called Ayuso a “hypocrite.” “You have raised your version of ‘Spain steals from us’ and here the State gives you 32 million for young people and you confiscate them,” he criticized.

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With this advance, the budget allocated to rental aid for young people in the region will double by 2024. This is a direct rental assistance. The amount will be 50% of the monthly rent or price that the beneficiary must pay for the rental or use of their habitual and permanent home or room.

In the event of being a beneficiary of the Young Rental Bonus, the amount of aid will be up to 40% of the difference between the monthly rent or price that the beneficiary must pay for the rental or transfer of their habitual and permanent home or room. and the amount of 250 euros per month corresponding to the Young Rental Bonus.

In any case, the sum of the aid from the Young Rental Bonus and the aid for rent or transfer regulated in the Aid Program for young people, It cannot be higher than 75% of the amount of the rent or price of the home or room.

The beneficiaries are natural persons of legal age up to 35 years of age who own or are able to sign a rental contract whose income is equal to or less than 600 euros per month (except in 29 municipalities of the Community, where it can reach up to 900 euros). ). Also co-living units whose tenants are under 35 years old at the time of application, including age 35 years. The remaining members of the unit must also be under 35 years of age.

The Housing Department assures that the 2022 youth rental bonus will arrive before October

Sources of the Department of Housing, Transport and Infrastructure They assured a few days ago Europa Press that before the month of October all current beneficiaries of the young rental bonus approved by the central Government, who have submitted all the complete documentation, as well as those who are missing some documentation, will receive the amount corresponding to 2022.

“It saves our lives to have this help to pay the rent at the end of the month, but having to wait to receive it or pay attention to updates so as not to miss any call is stressful,” lamented the representative from platform Affected Young Rental Bonus Madrid, Andrés Lópezin statements to Europa Press.

He Minister of Housing, Transport and Infrastructure of the Community of Madrid, Jorge Rodrigoexplained in the Madrid Assembly that the Madrid Executive had granted in less than a year 97.5% of the credit offered of the 63.6 million, which had made it possible to serve a total of 11,147 beneficiaries among the more than 50,000 applications that they had received.

Reception of the young rental voucher

Madrid residents who met the required characteristics could apply for aid from the central government’s youth rental bonus with 250 euros per month for two years aimed at those under 35 years of age who rent a property or a room in the region.

“First the year 2022 is paid and then payments are made every six months. Beneficiaries must submit receipts from January to June and then from June to December. From there, semiannual payments will be made,” they have recalled from the Housing Department.

Sources from the regional government have reiterated that “they are aware of the problem that young people have in accessing housing.” They affirm that the money from the central government did not reach the Community until June 2022, despite the fact that they announced the bonus in December 2021. Furthermore. “It is an insufficient measure, because there are 51,000 applications and the Government’s financial allocation is only enough for 11,000, which represents less than 1% of the young population in the region,” they have defended.

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