the “confession” of Sofia, Protasevich’s girlfriend, the lies of Lukashenko-

What is more offensive and liar: the video confession of Sofia Sapega, companion of dissident Roman Protasevich, or Lukashenko’s speech? This morning thelast dictator of Europe he dared to tell the parliament in Minsk that the civil plane on which the couple (from Greece to Lithuania) were traveling on Sunday was not forced to land by its Mig. And he didn’t know at all that his young enemy was on board.

The images of the prisoner

Inmate Sofia Sapega appeared last night in a video, sitting in front of a wooden door. Unlike Roman the day before, his face shows no marks or bruises. The authorities have announced that he will remain in a Belarusian secret service prison for at least two months. The young Russian was forced to admit to having collected personal information on Belarusian military via Telegram.

The words of the dictator

Lukashenko he thundered against the West, which interferes in the affairs of his country. He claimed that the Ryanair flight landed in Minsk because there was indeed a bomb scare from Switzerland and the plane was heading dangerously into the area of ​​a nuclear power plant. The dictator expected in Moscow by Vladimir Putin in the coming days. How will it be received? The Kremlin reacted with caution to the last crisis.

The fears of Moscow

Today Russian newspapers, even those closest to the government, are putting their concerns on the front page. Which do not concern the fate of the Russian citizen Sofia Sapega, but the income statement that Moscow will have to pay when the new European and Western sanctions against Minsk come into effect. The equivalent of $ 5 billion, the Russian media estimate: We will not be able to compensate for the losses. An increasingly isolated warning to Lukashenko? Among analysts there are those who argue that the weakened dictator is playing Putin’s game, which would aim for ever greater integration with the former Republic of the USSR.

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