The conflict of generations dominates the competition in the Moroccan singing scene – Day 24

The conflict of generations dominates the competition in the Moroccan singing scene – Day 24

The controversy and conflict between two generations of Moroccan singers, which was launched recently by Moroccan musician Noaman Lahlou, continues to talk about the youth song and his criticism of young artists and “rap” artists.

A number of young artists considered the widespread criticism they were being pursued by the generation that preceded them, a diminution of their artistic efforts, which were the reason for bringing the Moroccan song to the world and to advanced ranks.

Media outlets and blog posts on social networking sites have become a means of receiving and responding to unwanted messages, and passing harsh criticism among famous singers, starting from musician Noman Lahlou, who initially tried to “underestimate what rap artists offer,” as rapper Omar responded to him. Al-Sahli, known as “Daisy Dross”.

Lahlou did not miss the opportunity to appear in press interviews, to answer questions related to his assessment of the youthful song and its owners, except to make matters worse in every new media outlet for him, as he revealed at the end of his criticism of the Moroccan artist Saad Lamjarred, and accused him of his inability to deliver his songs in the spirit of “Tamgrabit”. He does not find the creativity of the Moroccan artist in it, but he deduces it like other foreign songs that have nothing to do with the original Moroccan song.

The Moroccan artist Hatem Amour spoke on behalf of the young artists, to pass on to Noman Lahlou a criticism that affects the art he presented for many years, and he also accused him of not relying on the Moroccan melody and his special touch in his old songs, copying them from oriental songs, as he gave examples of that.

The controversy emanating from Noman Lahlou stopped at this point, and he preferred to remain silent and not respond to Hatem Amor’s letter. However, his wife ended these conflicts, and wrote a post on her Facebook page to respond to Hatem Amor’s statement.

And I wrote Fatima Zahra Ikeno wife musician Al-Maghrabi wrote: “Hatem Amour, before you are an artist, you must be moral, and before you criticize others, you must be at his level. Noman Lahlou is more cultured and moral than you.

A large number of social media activists considered what these artists have reached, questioning their artistic level, adopting a method that does not represent the art they present or the category they represent, wondering about the end point of these existing conflicts.


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