The construction of the minarets in the Haram mosque is in the final stages

by time news

Makkah ആറ് Construction of six new minarets to be erected at Makkah Haram Mosque is in the final stages. The construction of the two minarets at Babul Fat Hill is 87.3 per cent complete and the construction of the two minarets at Babul Umrah is 92.1 per cent complete. Work on the two minarets at King Abdul Aziz Gate is 88.5 percent complete.

The ceiling work on the Matwaf building is 50 per cent complete, the groundwork is 30 per cent complete, the exterior marble work on Bab Ismail is 85 per cent complete, the concrete work is 100 per cent complete and the Northern part work is 70 per cent complete.

With the completion of the minaret, the total number of minarets in the harem will increase to 19. Six new minarets are being erected in the courtyards of the Haram as part of the Matwaf development being implemented as part of the Third Saudi Expansion.

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