the Conte effect on his new life-

A total striker, he has become. Less selfish and less nervous, more concrete and willing to sacrifice. The transformation is now complete Lautaro Martinez from talent it has become race center forward. He has already equaled his season record of 14 goals and can break through the wall of twenty goals between now and the end. “I just want to win something with this shirt and I don’t care if I’m the one to score or not ”, underlines the Argentine striker.

Lautaro’s life at Inter changed with the arrival of Conte. He told it himself in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport: «Conte has changed my mind. One day mi closed in his office and we talked about everything. Since that moment my career has changed ». For the better.

Inter have already promised him the renewal until 2024: 4.5 million, an increase of 2 million compared to the current contract. Furthermore, the 111 million release clause should be canceled. “We are working on the renewal but now I am only interested in doing well on the field”.

The numbers prove the Argentine Bull right. He and Lukaku, who scored 19 goals, brought Inter 32 of the 65 total points, just under 50 percent. For Pirelli’s CEO, Marco Tronchetti Provera, «at the moment they are the strongest couple in Europe, they also have the advantage of having good feet».

Today’s Lautaro is less selfish, more reflective and perhaps his entourage is too. Two years ago, Mario Martinez’s tweet was at least rude, father of the attacker, who took it out on Spalletti, guilty of having kept him on the bench in the Champions League: “Fifone”, the coach was apostrophized.

In his first Inter season, Lautaro played intermittently, with just 6 goals in Serie A, with the arrival of Conte the explosion. 14 goals in the first year with the new coach, however, seasoned with 8 yellow cards and an expulsion: too many. This year the goals are already 14, but the cards only 3, a sign that the Bull only charges the opponents. It can become the season of records and the first career title, for him who is the center forward of the present and will be, with the renewal, that of the future for Inter.

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