The coolest memes inspired by Perseverance – Not even the time to land on Mars that Perseverance is already the protagonist of hundreds of ‘memes’ on social media. The most popular is the one that sees the meme meme as the protagonist: Bernie Sanders immortalized on the folding chair during the inauguration ceremony of Joe Biden, wrapped up and with woolen gloves that have become very popular in the United States. A ‘space lord’ like Elon Musk, immortalized with his futuristic electric pick-up, and Ted Cruz, the Texas senator ‘caught’ while, trolley in hand, quietly returns from Cancun to his been scourged by frost, then the inevitable aliens of various backgrounds: from the horrible green men of ‘Mars Attacks’ to the tender ‘ET’ of Spielberg, but also cats and animals of all kinds. Up to the very Italian and very regional memes dedicated to the ‘Auditorium’ signs, so ubiquitous on the streets of Rome that they have become an icon of the capital, to exquisitely Palermitan characters such as the couple of brothers who for decades – there was still the lira, but perhaps even the Bourbon tarì – they pester passers-by with the unchanging chant: “cuci ‘mi runi two euro?”.



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