The Council of State Urged to Provide Advice for Stable Variants in Post-Election Investigation

The Council of State Urged to Provide Advice for Stable Variants in Post-Election Investigation

2023-09-21 21:28:12
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Today at 9:28 PM
The Hague

The Council of State has been called upon to urgently provide advice to avoid another chaotic investigation after the upcoming elections in November. The previous exploration, following the House of Representatives elections in 2021, resulted in a significant crisis of confidence in politics in The Hague. At the request of the SGP (Reformed Political Party), the House is seeking advice from the Council of State to consider “all possible stable variants” of an exploration.

These variants should be within the current rules, where the House appoints one or more informants, according to the proposal adopted on Thursday evening. Both the VVD (People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy) and D66 (Democrats 66) were allowed to appoint a scout after the previous elections. However, the scout duo had to relinquish their assignment twice, leading to the crisis at the Binnenhof. The cause of the crisis was a controversial photo by former scout Kajsa Ollongren (D66), which showed notes referencing MP Pieter Omtzigt (former CDA: Christian Democratic Appeal) among others.

Some parties, including the SGP, advocate for a clear solution: they want the king to appoint an informateur and formateur (often the eventual Prime Minister). Although the motion does not mention the king explicitly, the new leader of the SGP referred to the role of the head of state during the lengthy debate about the cabinet’s budget plans. In a recent evaluation, the ideal scout was described as someone who remains impartial to politics, which becomes crucial after a heated election battle. According to the SGP, the king possesses these qualities as he has “learned from childhood to stand above the parties”.

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The House of Representatives hopes that the Council of State’s advice will help provide stability and restore trust in the exploration process, ensuring a smooth transition after the upcoming elections in November.]
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