The ‘counselor’ of Territory, Juli Fernández, avoids referring to the airport in the explanation of the budgets

The ‘counselor’ of Territory, Juli Fernández, avoids referring to the airport in the explanation of the budgets

The pact between the Government and the PSC on the large infrastructure (euphemisms included), which a week ago served to sign the agreement for the 2023 accounts, it does not go with the ‘counselor’ of Territory, Juli Fernández. In su appearance from this Monday in Parliamentthe person responsible for roadslos airports and the urbanism of the Catalan Executive has chosen not to refer to the controversial projects.

Fernandez has hidden behind the fact that neither the “modernization” of the Barcelona-El Prat airportnor the construction of the Hard Rock tourist complex in Tarragona nor the section of the fourth belt between Sabadell and Terrassa were part of the budgets. This is so. However, the different parliamentary groupswith more or less emphasis, they have asked him in his turns to speak.

one of the detractors

In the case of The field he has completely dodged it. No mention. Everyone in the room knew that the ‘counselor’ of Territory He is one of the great detractors of the expansion of the airport infrastructure, since he considers that it is incompatible with the climate emergency. Another of his ‘ogres’ is the B-40: As the former mayor of Sabadell, he defends that there are other formulas to improve the Vallès mobilityas he has repeated on numerous occasions.

But this Monday he has not even chosen to repeat the arguments against the highway or against the extension of the tracks from the Barcelona aerodrome. He had the PSC deputy in the front row Jordi Terradesone of the negotiators of the terms of the pact, assuring that it was a “useful policy” and that they “will monitor” that what is written is complied with, although every day from republican ranks They take it upon themselves to interpret what it means to their liking.

Opposition bewilderment

In order to reach consensus, Republicans and Socialists have carried out in recent weeks an exercise of concept search in the dictionary. But the ‘conseller’ has gone further. He has not even dedicated himself to using synonyms or paraphrase but directly has acted as if it did not existas if nothing had happened, to the bewilderment of the opposition representatives.

The one who has seen himself comfortable has been the Deputy of the Comuns David Cid, the other group that supports the Government’s accounts, which has been ironic about the ERC-PSC pact on infrastructure, applauding that they lack a budget item. Faced with this, Terrades has recalled that in the budgets of the Government (backed by both Unidas Podemos and ERC) there is money allocated for the B-40.

The game of Hard Rock

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The ‘minister’ Fernàndez only mentioned Hard Rock for a moment and it was to talk about the game of 120 million euros planned to buy the land of Vila-seca y Hello to CriteriaCaixa by the Incaseol. By decision of the Department of Economy, in this financial year they do not appear, explained Fernández. However, in the event that the administrative procedures now pending the approval of the ‘conselleries’ of Climate Action y Company be resolved before municipal and the urban plan saw the light, they would be available.

The explanations of the head of Territori have delved into the items of ‘his’ budget, which dedicates 2,665.7 million to public transportation, 65.4% of the total. And to this must be added the purchase of trains de Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat for R-Aeroport or the four from La Pobla have joined the Territori party, he stressed. Although on Rodalies and the complicated negotiation on the transfer he has also avoided entering.


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