The of Mallorca-Barça: The Barça defensive wall crumbled

The of Mallorca-Barça: The Barça defensive wall crumbled

2023-09-27 00:10:10

He Barça It has lost its defensive charm. That he had it last season. And he had it for many months because he allowed him to build his work thanks to those tight 1-0 that took him through the narrowest path to winning the League. Now, however, It is a fragile team, capable of conceding four goals in a game and a half (the two from Celta in the 90 minutes of Montjuïc and the two from Mallorca in the first half), revealing that it is no longer as solvent as it was.

It is not as granite as it was. Furthermore, it is not as solvent as it was supposed to be, paying, at the same time, the more earthly version of Ter Stegen, whose nerves at 1-0 were infected at 2-1. The night that Xavi gave a party to the pair of starting centre-backs until now, made up of Koundé and Christensen, his team fell apart.

Misplaced parts

A Iñigo Martinezwho debuted as a starter, He was seen out of place, with obvious problems . And Araujo, who is returning from the muscle injury, was not as fast as he usually is. Mallorca’s first goal is noted in the German goalkeeper’s notebook along with the disorientation exhibited by Oriol Romeu. The second belongs to the two centre-backs who met for the first time wearing the Barça jacket.

Everything happened when Xavi had shaken up the starting eleven more than ever. The technician executed up to five rotations. And three of them were in the defensive structure, where only Cancelo remained compared to the Barça that came back last Saturday in Montjuïc. He changed the two centre-backs and returned Balde to the starting line-up after the appearance of Marcos Alonso in the starting eleven against Celta. Three out of four and two goals against, a symptom of his extreme fragility, giving away goals to Mallorca as if they were candy for children.

8 goals conceded in 7 days

It is no coincidence, therefore, that Barça has started with a bad defensive appearance at the beginning of the season. It is only necessary to look back. On matchday seven of last season, Xavi’s team had only conceded one goal, keeping a clean sheet in six games.

In this campaign everything has gotten worse because the Blaugranas have already suffered considerable ridicule by conceding up to eight goals. Yes, eight in seven days! Ter Stegen has only been able to go for three games (Getafe, Cádiz and Betis) without collecting the ball from the back of the net, proof that the defensive structure has collapsed.

“We know that they have defects in defense, we already saw it in the second goal when we did it with just three touches”

Muriqi – Delantero del Mallorca

And it’s not every day you can appeal to comebacks. He was still lucky that in the last breath, around the 97th minute, Larin got the ball and wasted a clear chance, which showed his weaknesses. There were four Mallorca forwards against two outmatched defenses from Mallorca. Barça.

“We are giving too many facilities,” acknowledged Oriol Romeu, the Barça midfielder. “We know that they have defects in defense, we already saw it in the second goal when we did it with just three touches,” stressed Muriqi, who scored the 1-0 and assisted in the 2-1 before Fermín tied the game.

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