The court in Tabriz ruled against the family naming their child “Volkan”.

The court in Tabriz ruled against the family naming their child “Volkan”.

2023-05-31 06:40:24

After the Registration Office in the city of Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province opposed the issuance of an identity card to an Azerbaijani child named Volkan, the court did not allow the issuance of an identity card in this name.

According to the information released by the human rights defenders operating in the region, after the unsuccessful attempts of the parents to get an ID card for their child despite the fact that it has been almost four months since the child was born, the General and Legal Court of Tabriz decided to invalidate the family’s claim on the grounds that the name was “foreign”.

The parents, who have been dealing with administrative work for four months, tried to force the registration office to issue an ID card by suing the court, but the court ruled in favor of the registration office. The court suggested that the name Volkan is a foreign name and invalidated the parent’s claim.

Despite the presence of non-Islamic foreign names among the names approved in Iran, the court did not agree to issue an identity card with the name Volkan, based on the fact that it is a name.

The name Volkan is one of the commonly used names in Turkey.

Many Turkish families living in Iran-Azerbaijan, not knowing about the ban on giving Turkish names to their children, apply to the Registry Office and receive information that it is impossible to issue an ID card with this name. The employees of this office suggest other Persian or even other foreign names to the parents similar to the Turkish names they have chosen and try to change their minds.

Some observers say that due to the lengthy administrative process and reluctance to go to court, many families give up their chosen name and get their children ID cards with another state-approved name. Some families, after going through a difficult administrative and judicial process, sometimes manage to get a positive opinion from the court and get an identity card with the name they want for their child.

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