The court reversed the decision and overturned the early release of Alon Kastiel

live: The Nazareth District Court today (Tuesday) accepted the petition filed by the State Attorney’s Office and canceled the early release of sex offender Alon Kastiel, due to a material defect in the proceedings, according to the judges, in that the victims were not summoned to express their current position before the release committee.

“There was a defect in the release committee’s decision not to postpone the hearing in order to accept the current position of all victims of the crime,” the judge said, detailing that according to the law, the victim must be informed of the offense, especially when it comes to the offending release process. “.

The judges also criticized the committee and noted that it was aware that three of the four victims of the offense did not even know about the advance of the hearing and accepted the appeal filed by the prosecution so that the hearing would be returned to the parole board until all victims of the offense were accepted.

The decision further states: “The prisoner does not have a purchased right to early release, but must convince the release committee that he deserves it and that his release will not endanger the public. Since the respondent is a sex offender, the committee needed Now the respondent’s is low. ”

“In these circumstances, there was no place for the committee to be satisfied that the victims of the offense knew about the original date and hence conclude that they are not interested in expressing an up-to-date position beyond the position expressed before the previous hearing on the prisoner’s request for early release. “The parole board should be given an opportunity to express its position in accordance with the provisions of the law. the judges.

As you may recall, about three weeks ago a storm arose after the parole board decided to approve the early release of sex offender Alon Kastiel, only four years after he began serving his sentence. Following the committee’s decision, the prosecution filed a motion for stay of execution so that they could appeal against Castiel’s early release. The court accepted the prosecution’s position and postponed the release for a week.

The hearing took place in the Nazareth District Court before Justice Av Beit Din Justice Irit Hod, Justice Hanna Sabag and Justice Ilona Lindenstrauss.

ח״כ Naama Lazimi Referring to the decision, she said: “After all, the justice system has listened to the victims of sexual violence! “Excitedly congratulates the district court system in Nazareth who made amends and justice for the victims of Alon Kastiel, the place of the serial rapist is behind bars.”

Yours, Naamat Hagit Peer She said: “There are judges in Nazareth. The court did well to correct the terrible injustice caused by the parole board in its decision to release a sex offender without allowing the victims to appear before it and flatten their claims. The right of victims of crime to have their voices heard should be a basic right and not a favor. “This is a resounding message to the Parole Board, whose conduct is unacceptable and must change, and it is an important value message for victims who have the courage to complain and learn that there are judges in Israel who know how to correct wrong decisions.”

More Einat Fischer-Lalo The director of the Women’s Lobby said: “We welcome the court’s decision to overturn the release committee’s decision and suspend the release of serial sex offender Castiel. The court’s decision sends an important message that the victims’ voices cannot be silenced. All the consequences of the harm will be presented to the committee and will be taken into account in its decision. “

“We hope that the court’s decision will lead to a substantial change in the conduct of the Parole Board and that from now on, in any hearing concerning sex offenders significant weight will be given to victims, ongoing harm, the public message regarding this type of offense and offenders and public trust in enforcement systems.”


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