The cover parade for Shlomo Artzi in “The Next Star”

A cornerstone of Israeli culture. Shlomo Artzi | Photo: Yuval Chen, Zappa

Shlomo Artzi, one of the country’s most successful singers and winner of the Acomm Lifetime Achievement Award, performed during his spectacular career more than 250 times in Caesarea and released dozens of albums including hits that were deeply etched in Israeli culture.

On Saturday night on “The Next Star” (after the weekend news, Channel 12), we will meet for the first time the one who is known among the singer’s fans as “the daughter of Shlomo Artzi”. Shlomo discovered her at one of his concerts when she was nine years old and since then they have been inseparable – Zapot, Caesarea, the Culture Hall, she always gets a stage and a microphone. Now, when she is 16 years old, the discovery of Shlomo Artzi will come to audition for “The next star” and will embark on a new path of her own.

When they dream of conquering the biggest stages just like him, filling halls and putting out into the world works that will resonate for generations to come, the contestants of “The Next Star” have over the years performed covers of songs by the great Israeli singers, which to this day we can’t (and don’t try) to forget. Are you ready for the most Israeli parade of all, which is perfect for Saturday morning? Turn up the volume.

Eden Meiri – moon

Although Aden Meiri was not yet born when the most iconic song of all, “Moon”, was released to the world and instantly became a cornerstone of Israeli music, he went on the stage of “The Next Star” and knew how to convey the text written by Shlomo Artzi in a few minutes in the yard in a masterful manner. “It was such an intelligent performance,” Keren Pels said and explained: “Even in the tone of your voice, also in how you interpreted the text. It’s impossible not to fall in love with you.” Statik added, “You are relatively young, but your delivery is so mature. It was like you were telling me a story and you managed to strike me.”

Released to the world: 1992

album: moon

lyrics and poetry: Shlomo Artzi

Guitar and arrangement: Yehuda Adar

Louis Ali – Iceland

Somewhere in the seventh season of “The Next Star”, the singer and actor Louis Ali performed a cover of “Iceland”. Just like the lyrics, Louie “came bare in the light”, baring his soul as soon as the spotlights turned on and giving us a once in a lifetime performance. “Your curls were phenomenal,” said Miri Mesika who joined the panel of judges that year and Statik complimented him: “The way you present the text is phenomenal in my eyes – every word is right there.”

Released to the world: 2007

album: sane

lyrics and poetry: Shlomo Artzi

Processing: Daniel Salomon, Udi Simhon

Lior Peretz – he doesn’t know what’s going on with me

Returning to the sources: in the first season of the show that gave birth to many stars, Lior Peretz, who had just been released from a military band, performed a smashing cover of the timeless hit “She doesn’t know what’s going through me” and made us all remember one or another unrequited love. “It was one of your best performances,” said Zvika Hadar and emphasized: “You are an excellent singer.”

Released to the world: 1996

album: two

lyrics and poetry: Shlomo Artzi

Processing: Gil Feldman

Ruit Batashvili – Iceland

Royat Batashvili, a graduate of the Rimon school who tried her luck both in the eighth season of the iconic show “Kochav Nold” and in “The Next Kochav”, knows how to touch everyone’s heart – yes, even Assaf Amdorsky’s. It’s not new that this is a first-class soul singer, but from the moment she opened with a cover of “Iceland” it seemed like the world stopped. “This is the singer I want at this year’s Eurovision – Israeli, exciting and precise,” said Harel Sekat a moment after the performance which garnered no less than an enviable 86 percent. “You have a special tone of voice, you conveyed a lot of emotion in your singing,” added the thrilled Amdorski.

Released to the world: 2007

album: sane

lyrics and poetry: Shlomo Artzi

Processing: Daniel Salomon, Udi Simhon

Kafir Popovich – give and take

Kafir Popovich began his journey in the third season of “The Next Star” with one particularly exciting adaptation of “Give and Take”. The soldier, who was only 21 years old at the time, listened to the words of the powerful song and realized that there is no need to be afraid of fear, but simply to go on the brightest stage of all and present the text in a way that will make us – and especially the judges – go crazy.

Released to the world: 2012

album: Happiness Express

lyrics and poetry: Shlomo Artzi

Execution of: Uncle Tessa and Shlomo Artzi

Musical arrangement and production: His uncle Tesa and Nir Maimon

Itay Levy – Moon

For the grand finale we left the cover of one of the most successful and respected singers in the country, Judge Itai Levy. In the voice of a nightingale that characterizes him, Levi sang the immortal “Moon” and made us feel feelings we didn’t know existed. Word after word, he nailed another nail in our soul and made us realize that yesterday was good, and yes, tomorrow will be good too.


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