The coveted and challenging job of Adi Himmelbloy

New Job: A month after “Morning News” at Bequest 12 parted ways with Maayan Adam, who was one of the most prominent panel members of the program for four years, the panel receives a significant upgrade – with the actress and model Adi Himmelbloy, who will also star in the upcoming Hanukkah in the children’s show “Aladdin”.

Himmelbloi, who recently played in the series “FmtA” and in the movie “I Love You Charlie”, is expected to join the panel of the morning program in its second hour, which deals with cultural and entertainment issues. Those who will meet her there are the regular panel members of the program, including Linui Bar Gefen, Ayelet Frisch , Anna Magin, Nadav Aboksis, Barak Seri, Sigal Gafni, Netali Shem Tov, Yehuda Shlesinger, Prof. Arnon Afek, Prof. Yariv Yogev, Rita Goldstein, Liron Zeid, Sion Klein, Dana Zermon, Dean Fisher and Noam Cohen.

As mentioned, at the end of October “News of the Morning” said goodbye to its prominent panel member. “I know a lot of people wanted me to leave,” said Maayan Adam in saying goodbye to her, before thanking Niv Raskin for supporting her: “You fought for me, and taught me everything I know about television. People don’t know that there is little room in this industry, so everyone kind of gives elbows, and you just lifted me up, and I’m really grateful and I’ll do anything for you.”


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