The Covid-19 pandemic denies racism. Humans Are Much Alike – Mental Health in Difficult Times

The Covid-19 pandemic denies racism.  Humans Are Much Alike – Mental Health in Difficult Times

For the defenders of the human races, the Covid 19 pandemic is a strong denial, it is a fact that is a clear falsification of racism in the language of Popper.

In the face of this pandemic, in the face of this virus that has spread throughout the world in just three months, we can see how in all corners of the planet, all humans are suffering from the same disease, and living the same fears, the same nightmares. Could it be that we are actually very similar?

Other species close to ours, such as chimpanzees, differ much more from each other. Thus, if we look at the differences between nucleotides in a region of DNA, among chimpanzees from eastern, central, and western Africa the genetic differences reach 13%, while among humans, the differences do not reach 0.35%, although there is research that even reduces it to 0.1%. In other words: out of every 1000 DNA letters, all the difference between humans is only one letter. You have to work hard to find it!

Of course, if we humans on the planet are so similar, as we are verifying at this moment when we see how the attack of Covid 19 affects us, it is because the vast majority of humans descend from a common stock, from a common migration, from a successful “Out of Africa” ​​of our ancestors, apparently after numerous failed attempts. Eventually, a more adaptable (or perhaps luckier) group emerged, achieving a successful migration that has managed to reach all corners of the planet, from scorching deserts to frozen tundras. A fascinating journey that has lasted tens of thousands of years and that our species culminated just a thousand years ago when our ancestors managed to reach the most remote place on the planet: Easter Island, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. As the biologist Edward Wilson writes, using debatable language, “With this feat of the intrepid Polynesian travelers, the human conquest of the earth was now complete.”

Our great genetic uniformity reflects the so-called founder effect. We originally descended from a single human group that spread and reproduced throughout the planet. The fact that we were a small species until the advent of agriculture, relatively few generations ago, also explains our great genetic homogeneity

Curiously, where there is more genetic diversity is among some sub-Saharan African groups, but not among Europeans, Asians, Americans, or Africans. Human genetic diversity also decreases the greater the distance from Africa: the further from our homeland, the more alike we humans are. Within this great resemblance, those who most resemble each other are Native Americans from the entire American continent and the inhabitants of Oceania, Polynesia and Japan (in these areas of the world, using 678 autosomal STRs, while the mean genetic differentiation between individuals is 1042, in the south of Sahara is 2260)

This is our story. But unfortunately it is to be feared that the strong shock that the Covid-19 is causing will lead to an increase in racism


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