Time.news – In February, the number of employees was substantially stable compared to January, but collapsed over the year (-945,000). This is the latest picture drawn by Istat which also sees a growth in the unemployed (+21,000) and, above all, inactive (over +700,000 units) on a trend basis.

The unemployment rate in the month it drops to 10.2% (-0.1 points) and among young people to 31.6% (-1.2 points).

In February, the occupation returns to stabilize, interrupting the negative trend which, between September 2020 and January 2021, led to the loss of over 410,000 employees – notes Istat -. After two months of strong increase, the number of unemployed decreases slightly.

Compared to February 2020, the employment rate is 2.2 percentage points lower and the unemployment rate is 0.5 points higher.

Here are the details:


In February, employment was stable among both women and men, growing among permanent employees and those under 35, while it fell among temporary employees, the self-employed and those who are at least 35 years old. The employment rate was also stable, at 56.5%.

The repeated economic downturns in employment, recorded from the beginning of the health emergency until January 2021, led to a drop in employment compared to February 2020 (-4.1% equal to -945,000 units). The decrease involves men and women, employees (‑590,000) and self-employed (‑355,000) and all age groups.

The employment rate drops by 2.2 percentage points in one year. The level of employment in the quarter December 2020-February 2021 is 1.2% lower than that of the previous quarter (September-November 2020), with a decrease of 277 thousand units.


In February, the number of inactive people decreased slightly (-0.1% compared to January, equal to -10,000 units) due, on the one hand, to the decrease among women and those aged at least 25 and on the other hand the growth among men and 15-24 year olds. the inactivity rate is stable at 37.0%.

Over the course of twelve months, the number of people looking for work increases (+ 0.9%, equal to + 21 thousand units), but above all the inactive between 15 and 64 years (+ 5.4%, equal to +717,000) . During the quarter, both people looking for work (+ 1.0%, equal to + 25 thousand), and inactive people between 15 and 64 years old (+ 1.3%, equal to + 183 thousand units) increased.


In February, the decline in the number of job seekers (-0.3% compared to January, equal to -9 thousand units) concerns men and the under 50s, among women and people aged 50 or over there was a slight increase. The unemployment rate drops to 10.2% (-0.1 points) and among young people to 31.6% (-1.2 points).


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