The cow climbed into the field, smashed her spine and broke the neighbor; Police case | Cow | crime

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Kattappana (Idukki) നോ Looking at the yard from inside the house, the dam Myladumpara brings tears to Sunny and his family. The family is saddened by the current condition of the cow, which was so lovingly cared for.

The neighbor had broken the cow’s spine after he had plucked pegs from a field to eat grass and climbed into his field. The cow is now unable to stand up. Based on the complaint, the police registered a case.

‘It’s a lot of love for people. Now he is on his knees, unable to get up and looking into people’s eyes with sadness, “said Binoy, Sunny’s son. The eight-month-old calf was the most human-loving of my pets.

Cow lying unable to get up due to spinal cord injury.

If it was another one he would have run away when he came to harm it. Now there are three cows. There are also two guest staff to take care of the cattle. When they tied up in the field the other day, the pegs were quickly pulled out because it was raining.

A neighbor had earlier threatened to harm the cow if she entered the field. He was worried that it would ruin his cardamom crop. But since the crop was not grown only to destroy the cow, there was no significant damage. According to Binoy, the cow did not suffer any loss other than eating the copper planted on the border.

According to the family, the cow was not allowed to be seen by the neighbors but was beaten and taken to the border. When he went to untie the cow, he could not get up and was seen crawling in the middle. He was given the medicine as prescribed by the doctor but was told that there was no chance of escape.

Currently the cow is lying on the mat and covered with a blanket. The police registered a case based on a complaint lodged against a neighbor. Not willing to settle for compensation. Benoit says he and his family would not want to slaughter the cow.

English Summary: Cruelty Towards Cow at Kattappana


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