The cross-examination of state witness Nir Hefetz in the Netanyahu trial will continue today

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Interrogation of state witness and former Netanyahu’s adviser, Nir Hefetz, May continue today (Tuesday) in the Jerusalem District Court.

As you may recall, yesterday Hefetz returned to the witness stand and signed his main investigation in the 4000 case (Bezeq-Walla!). Next, the main investigation focused on the 2000 case (“Yedioth Ahronoth”) and the 1000 case (the gifts). Hefetz described the interrogation exercise he went through during his arrest and said: “There were physical and other pressures that increased to monstrous proportions. I disconnected myself. I decided I was not qualified to make a decision like a robot. I did what the lawyer told me, but in the second week of my detention my considerations were rational. “.

“I have no doubt that the accumulation of these pressures and conditions affected the exhaustion and mood. You are only exposed to investigators and the lawyer. Anything can have an impact. If you ask specifically about the interrogation exercise they did to me, it was not a consideration in my decision,” he added.

However, Hefetz emphasized: “Absolutely, my version after signing is true. I take responsibility for the places where I made mistakes and crossed lines. I have an absolute commitment to help get to the truth. No agenda. It is also a requirement of my children that I do it. It does not matter. what will be the price”.

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During his testimony he said: “I did not see myself as a mediator of bribery, it seemed completely unfounded. What bothered me (was) one sentence that Advocate Kostelitz told me, that the main problem is the issue of disruption, but that the offense of disruption can radiate to the main issue of the case. “He said that in two or three days I would be released. He advised me to go home to stay away, he also said ‘in a month they will want you all the way to the country.’ “Ilan thought there was momentum that law enforcement was eager for, and it was worth entering into negotiations.”

At this point Hefetz stopped his testimony in tears, and the judges suggested taking a five-minute break to allow him to calm down and continue his testimony. Subsequently, the plaintiffs focused on the main investigation in the 2000 case (“Yedioth Ahronoth”) and the 1000 case (the gifts). Hefetz said that he was asked by Benjamin Netanyahu to physically come to Arnon Mozes’ office in December 2009, adding that Sarah Netanyahu said that Mozes should be told that Netanyahu could reduce or moderate the distribution of “Israel Today.” According to Hefetz, he wrote her requests


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