The Cure, Tuesday evening the concert at the Mandela forum in Florence: the return after more than 3 years

The Cure, Tuesday evening the concert at the Mandela forum in Florence: the return after more than 3 years

Waiting to find theirs in record stores quindicesimo album Songs of the Lost World – and will this be the final title? It seems to be yes but the officiality is still missing – The Cure’s Lost World tour arrives in Florence on Tuesday. A return for five dates in Italy, of which Florence is the second stage, three years and four months later one of the most memorable days of the whole (also short) history of Firenze Rocks: when Robert Smith took the stage of the Visarno and seemed not to stand up, only to surprise 40 thousand spectators by churning out an almanac performance of the history of the live. And fourteen years after the last studio work, that 4:13 Dream which then left the void after him. The concert of the Cure is one of those events that are expected, planned and longed for for months, perhaps years. Not only for the caliber of the band, one of the great old glories of punk and new wave who in over 40 years of career with very few smudges and numerous masterpieces made the Eighties something unattainable. But also for the typical characteristics of their target audience, now not very young anymore, but always ready to shed a few tears for the courtly narration of that entanglement of guts that the music and lyrics of the Cure have been able to represent in the musical panorama.

It is therefore not surprising that he is gone the Mandela concert scheduled for November 1st sold-out very soon. And it is not surprising that the premature end of the presale has left more than a few long faces. So with a surprise move, a theatrical coup perhaps also the result of a passionate passionate pressure from the public, Barley Arts and Prg have decided to put some of those tickets back on sale. How many? We will find out by going to the Mandela tills on Tuesday. And how many minutes will they last? Another good question that cannot be answered. You will need to go there very soon, and not only for the crowds, the queue at the cash desk, and the crowded Mandela Forum square.. But also why the concert starts very early: at 7 pm he attacks the shoulder group, the Scots The Twilight Sad. While the appearance on stage of Robert Smith and associates, with the unexpected return to keyboards by Perry Bamonte after many years of absence, waiting for 20. So an abundant hour before the times we are used to in Florence.

The Cure will start playing much earlier than usual because they have a 25-piece lineup in the pipeline, so over three hours of concert. Ladder that begins with Alone, a very sad song – someone will think: of course, they are the Cure, not the festival of joy … but here we are talking about a loneliness and sadness strength ten, which deserves to be emphasized even if we talk about the Cure , Guinness Book of Records stuff of poetic depression – Alone the first single from the upcoming album. And it continues with Closedown, A Night Like This, Lovesong, Trust, Burn, Fascination Street and other classics. There will be three new songs on the program, including Endsong. Which has a title that speaks volumes, like Alone. What never changes the closure with the hymn to elusive childhood by definition, Boys Don’t Cry. The gates open at 6pm. But arriving at 5pm may be late if you don’t already have a ticket. And if you want to avoid the almost inevitable flooding.

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31 October 2022 | 10:31

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