The Czechoslovakian wolfdog is not for everyone. Why is too wrong in choosing a dog-

The news of the Czechoslovakian dogs that killed an elderly woman in Grugliasco (Turin) caused scandal and concern. The dog, as we know, is man’s best friend and he must always remain so, not admitting that he behaves badly, as, instead, many human beings do. The focus is on the breed, Czechoslovakian wolfdog, where the word wolf certainly makes an impression, even if a few decades ago German shepherds were quietly called wolf dogs. true for the origin there is a wolf or a she-wolf of the Carpathians, which in 1955 was made to mate with a German shepherd. In 1982 the Czechoslovakian wolfdog was officially recognized as a breed, belonging to the group of cattle dogs.

Exactly what happened in Grugliasco is not known, the deceased woman was not the mistress, but the animals knew her; there were five dogs, so someone speaks of a pack, with all the related negative meanings, even if the best ethologists, such as Marc Bekoff, no longer use this term and prefer to say family, which in this case is just right, given that it was of father, mother and three young children.

The Czechoslovakian wolf is not a breed for everyone, although in reality there is no one breed that is suitable for everyone. It has some characteristics of the wolf – he explains Christian Maradini, dog educator di Legnano which followed a dozen – or strong distrust of strangers, possessiveness with respect to food, territoriality. For example, if you live in a house where ten people go in and out a day, not quite the right dog. Without forgetting that an energetic and robust animal. Maradini adds: The problem is that many, too many, choose a dog for aesthetics or tenderness, without inquiring about the characteristics of the breed, selected for decades and decades if not hundreds of years. Education and love cannot eliminate these characteristics, as many delude themselves.

The first thing to choose a serious breeding and not buy at random, for example on the web. And don’t follow the fads, for example the old hype with Fiorello and the border collie caused many irrational purchases of this animal, beautiful and nice, but which not only needs to run tens of km a day, but also to do something, because it is a working dog. The ideal, paradoxically, would be to buy him a flock of sheep or a herd of cows to look after! The Jack Russel for hunting in the den and barking to inform that he has found it, his task, will always bark. So, before buying or adopting a dog, it is necessary to inform yourself well about the breed, it also applies to mestizos, who “bring along” various breeds.

Then there are the characteristics of the human family who wants to adopt a dog, an elderly person alone does not have to take a border collie, a family where everyone works and is always out of the house better than taking a dog, and so on. While the size of the apartment or the aforementioned garden does not matter, the dog needs family and their time. Mistakes are made, in good faith, also by the volunteers of the shelters, who worry about finding a home for the animals that have been in cages for the longest time, without evaluating the adopting family. Many of the dog’s so-called behavioral problems – aggression, destructiveness, separation anxiety – arise from insufficient awareness of its ethological needs, as a species and as a breed. We could define it as dog-loving ignorance, says Maradini, who founded and runs to inform before buying or adopting. And who then loses the animal, which is mistreated, perhaps not in the sense of being beaten or hungry, but treated in the wrong way, and also abandoned, perhaps not really on the highway, but given to someone else who then passes it on to someone other.

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