The Dark Side of the Full Moon: Gloomy Phenomenon Linked to Mental Illness and Suicide Risk

The Dark Side of the Full Moon: Gloomy Phenomenon Linked to Mental Illness and Suicide Risk

2023-06-09 05:33:00

Friday, June 9, 2023, 10.33 a.m.

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9 June 2023 Prof. Dr. Teerawat Hemachutha, Head of Emerging Disease Health Sciences Center Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn Hospital Post a message via Facebook “Thirawat Hemachudha” on the topic “Phenomenon when the moon is full” has the following content…

gloomy phenomenon when the moon is full

gloomy phenomenon During that time of the full moon It has been recorded and reported since ancient times and similar to having a connection with Severe mental illness or flare-up.

These mental variations looks since Mental illness that required hospitalization must be taken to the emergency room And most importantly, a suicide attempt. with statistics occurring in different periods of time More often, some less, during the new moon is the 15th day of the waxing moon and the full moon, the 15th day of the waxing moon or full moon.

By dividing the lunar phases into periods starting from new moon. First quarter. Full moon. and last quarter and starting over. As known as the fifteenth lunar day, the eighth lunar day, the fifteenth lunar day, the eighth lunar day, respectively.

Even different stages of bipolar symptoms have been observed. have been associated with lunar phases, or seasonal lunar phases, and likely related to circadian rhythms

in matters of suicidal behavior in People with bipolar disorder seem to be associated with change And the amount of sunlight received during different times of the year as well, especially the risk of suicide is high. If the amount of sunlight is not constant

Researchers from the Department of Psychiatry and INBRAIN Indiana University School of Medicine and the Indianapolis VA medical center and the coroner’s office at Marion County worked together to study the effect of a full moon. and at another time with suicide It also analyzes the duration of the day. and the period of which month of the year has the highest statistics and link it with Molecular markers in the blood of people who died by suicide. Published in the journal Discover mental health, 2023.

these studies Acted during the period before the outbreak of COVID Suicides were recorded between January 1, 2012, and December 17, 2016.

A total of 210 cases occurred during the 626-day period that occurred during the full moon week and 566 occurred during the 2006 period outside the full moon week.

There were 208 deaths aged 30 or younger, and 232 people aged 55 or older.

Some of the blood contained within the INBRAIN initiative was within 24 hours of death and the cause of death was other than the use of drugs or toxins that would affect the functioning of the blood. expression of jeans

Of the 45 blood samples, 38 were male and 7 were female.

31 were committed with a gun shot to the head or chest.

12 cases of suffocation

one by cutting the wrist and one by electric shock.

Whole blood was carefully stored in RNA stabilizing PAXgene tubes at -80 °C until study.

Metric Gene Analysis In suicide in relation to the circadian clock, databases from different groups were chosen. that have been reported before and finally, selecting 1468 genes that are functionally related to sleep-wake timing and brain clock.

The human genome comprises 21,000 genes and is divided into main genes. 18 of these genes function as core clock genes, and the other 336 genes are classified into genes that are linked to or out of the immediate clock genes and genes that are involved in the core clock genes. The remaining 1119 genes are associated with secondary and distant clock genes, and 154 of the top biomarker genes are associated with body clock timing. derived from previous studies. with a relationship with Mental mood swings ranging from anxiety and depression to PTSD and pain.

All 45 death cohorts were studied. The whole human genome and its classification by sex. and analyzed according to the conditions of the scorecard of these 154 suicides together

during the full moon period and outside such periods

The results of the study showed that the incidence of suicide was higher during full moon weeks, especially among those aged 55 and older, but not among those under 30.

The duration of the day ranges from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM, and September is when suicides are the highest.

But for people over 55, the record peaked in July, and for those under 30, the record peaked in November.

It was also found that alcohol use and depression were more Increased risk of suicide during this period.

Genes linked to suicide During the full moon are AHCYL2. ACSM3. AK2. and RBM3.

For those correlated with the duration of the day were GSK3B. AK2. and PRKCB.

and those correlated with the month would be TBL1XR1 and PRKCI.

Half of these genes can be modified expression by lithium and valproate. All genes in these groups were modified by depression and alcohol to promote suicide.

results of the study about this suicide It combines, analyzes, critical periods related to the week of the full moon, the month and the time of day. having a relationship with incident light And affects the clock in the brain and body. and may affect the expression of genes that determine behavior. that alleviate or promote self-harm, and these genes Proving a link with the current drug and alcohol use during periods of crisis with underlying depression. will make the situation even more serious.

This report is a fine example that does not neglect the evidence obtained from observations. And analyzed to prove and link with human genes and indicators that in the future may be used to better prevent these tragedies.

However, in the current situation of Thai people looking at people as people Take care of him, take care of us. and help as much as possible Let him feel that there are people who are empathetic and caring. Probably the most important thing I want…………-005

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