“The dark trend of documenting suicide on social media and how to prevent it”

2023-05-30 19:34:14

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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

I wrote – Nada Najid:

Social networking sites are witnessing video clips documenting their owners at the moment of their suicide, which sparked panic among social media users.

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In this regard, Dr. Jamal Fayrouz, a mental health consultant, said that the phenomenon of documenting the moment of suicide with videos and pictures on social media is very common among young people.

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Froiz explained that committing suicide is one of the serious symptoms of depression, stressing that the sufferer feels distressed about the things around him and sees that his problems have no solution, and this is what drives him to end his life.

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The consultant psychiatrist recommended that parents contain their children in adolescence and get close to them, because they are among the groups most vulnerable to depression, due to the emotional and academic failures they go through and their constant fear of the future.

He added that the reason for documenting some people at the moment of their suicide may sometimes be due to their suffering from hysterical personality disorder, which is a disease in which the sufferer tries to draw attention to her in any way, even if he will harm himself in order to gain the sympathy of others and attract a larger number of followers.

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Farweez concluded his speech by emphasizing the need to encourage children and not make them feel guilty when they fail in something, and to constantly talk to them, to gain their trust, so that they disclose what is bothering them, taking into account the help of a psychiatrist, if changes in behavior and personality traits appear on them, for early detection of the disorder they suffer from. before it evolves into suicide.

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