The date of the release of the new version of the game GTA 6 and devices that support GTA 6

A large number of fans of electronic games and video games are eagerly awaiting the release of GTA 6, as they await the release of the update or the sixth version of the game, which is expected to be launched in the market in the coming period, especially after many leaks that have become popular. It is very hot and social networking sites, as some are trying to find out what new updates are available in the new version of the game GTA.

GTA 6 release date

Thus, the company that produced and developed the game GTA Rock star Games officially announced the imminent launch of the new sixth version of the game, which was largely postponed to the electronic gaming platforms.

In light of the intense waiting and anticipation by fans of electronic games, especially the game GTA, this is how Rock Star Games decided to disclose that the last quarter of 2022 or the beginning of 2023, and that will be the last and final date to wait for the launch and descent of the GTA 6 version, so Since the new version of the game is still being developed by the specialized developers concerned with the sixth version of the game GTA, in addition to the effects and characters that attract many players, and add a touch of excitement, suspense and adventure to the sixth version.

What devices does GTA 6 support?

  • PlayStation 5.
  • Go to PlayStation 5.
  • Also Xbox X.
  • Xbox xs.
  • Xbox S.

New GTA 6 Updates

It is clear from the leaks about the game GTA 6 that the new sixth version will be of a large degree of difference as it contains many updates, including:

  • Where the realism in the effects dominates the version, and this is shown through the shape and avatar of the characters within the game,
  • In addition to the use of the main buildings, cars, bicycles and the authority of streets and roads that appear remarkably realistic.
  • A number of female characters will be joined to play in the tournament, and this is also with the aim of increasing the number of players for the game of both sexes.
  • This is in addition to increasing the desire and interest of male players to try out this controversial realistic version as well.

We also provided you with the expected date of the descent of GTA 6, as well as the devices that support the game and its updates.


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