The dates to be circled in red: after Easter still lockdown

This one that is about to arrive will also be one Easter different. The epidemiological curve shows no signs of improving. Or rather, it remains motionless where it is and does not seem to want to start the long-awaited descent. On the other hand, the positivity rate is rising to 6.6%. The RT, the contagion index, is not bad, and on average it is just over 1%. Despite this value, however, the government has decided not to reopen, on the contrary, to close twice. At least until April 30, Italy will be orange and red. Some regions will change color and there will also be news for the holidays. The national lockdown for Easter remains, and there will likely be a repeat for the weekend of April 25 and May 1. Still nothing for sure, but this seems to be the trend. In particular, the movements during the holidays that could favor the spread of the virus and raise the epidemiological curve again.

Colors that change

From tomorrow, Monday 29 March, Tuscany, Calabria and Val d’Aosta will turn red, three regions that are beyond the limit of 250 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. A separate discussion for the Valle d’Aosta which had an RT value below 1 and which in a short time instead reached 1.7. To stay red will be Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Veneto, in addition to Campania, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Marche, Piedmont, Veneto, the Autonomous Province of Trento, and Puglia, the only one in enhanced red. From next Tuesday, Lazio will turn orange thanks to a Rt of 0.97. Of this color 8 regions in addition to the autonomous province of Bolzano. In some orange regions, however, there are red areas. As in Sicily, where the governor Nello Musumeci signed the ordinance for three municipalities in the province of Agrigento, Comitini, Racalmuto and Siculiana, and one in the province of Enna, Centirupe. These are added to Caltavuturo and San Mauro Castelverde. There are 7 municipalities dyed red in Sardinia, with Pozzomaggiore in the province of Sassari joining Golfo Aranci, Uri, Bono, Sindia, Samugheo and Sarroch.

Visits to relatives and second homes

From 3 to 5 April there will be a national lockdown and all of Italy will be placed in the red zone. Hence, bars and restaurants will be closed and there will be a ban on moving from home. You can only leave for work, health or emergency reasons and still fill in the self-certification. You can go and do visiting relatives and friends only to a single home per day, in two adults, with children under 14 and disabled or non self-sufficient people. Just like last Christmas. It will be possible to reach second homes, but not in all regions. Tuscany, Valle d’Aosta, Puglia, South Tyrol and Campania, Sardinia and Sicily, have signed specific ordinances.

In the regions where it will be possible to go to second homes, the law provides that this possibility concerns only the family unit and that the house is uninhabited. This rule, valid at Easter, will probably also apply to the long weekend of April 25th and May 1st.

Restaurants and bars

As always, restaurants and bars will remain during the lockdown closed. The same from April 6 onwards, with the only difference that it will be possible to take away from bars until 6 pm and from restaurants until 10 pm. Home delivery allowed. The stores will be open, except those in the malls on weekends.

Which schools will reopen after Easter

From 7 April about two thirds of pupils will be able to return to school, or 5.3 million. Back to school in attendance will only affect classes up to sixth grade even in the regions that are in the red zone. From the seventh grade upwards, distance learning is confirmed.

Swimming pools, gyms and sports activities

Gyms, swimming pools, swimming, wellness and spa centers will be closed in the red zone. As reported by La Stampa, the only exceptions will concern all those activities that fall within the essential levels of assistance, rehabilitation or therapeutic activities and the training of athletes, professionals and non-professionals, who must participate in competitions and events of national importance recognized by CONI or CIP. Basic sports performances and physical activity at sports centers and clubs, both public and private, outdoors or indoors, are also suspended.


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