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Kochi: A large quantity of chemicals was reported to have arrived at the Fort Kochi No. 18 Hotel on October 28. The winners of the Miss Kerala pageant were present on the eve of the day when the Customs Preventive Section and the Excise Enforcement planned a joint raid following the leak. These days, it is learned that Saiju Thankachan, who is now in hiding, was constantly present at the hotel.

Months ago, customs and excise officials raided the same hotel during a night party, but this time the net was set for an outdated raid as the drug lords escaped after the information was leaked. No. 18 is one of the five blacklisted hotels in Kochi by the Customs Preventive Section.

Saiju Thankachan, who went missing after the models were killed in an accident, is still unaccounted for. Saiju, who was following the models in the car on the night of the incident, informed the hotel owner and staff within minutes that they had been killed in the accident. It was in this context that Roy ordered the destruction of the CCTV footage of the hotel.

Abdul Rahman, the driver who escaped with injuries, said that Saiju’s car chased him in a frightening manner, causing the car to speed up and crash.

It is alleged that Saiju Thankachan is the link in the Kozhikode – based racket that brings drugs to Kerala. Police have received Saiju’s phone conversations as evidence. Saiju’s anticipatory bail is being considered by the high court.

The next of kin of the slain models will soon lodge a complaint with the Chief Minister seeking an inquiry into the involvement of Saiju Thankachan and hotel owner Roy Joseph in the case. Despite handing over all the available information to the state police, the relatives are trying to meet the CM as the investigation is not progressing.

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English Summary: Ansi Kabeer and Anjana Shajan car accident death investigation


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