The day Boris Johnson nearly drowned

by time news – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson seriously risked dying by drowning on holiday in Scotland in August 2020. According to a source, Johnson, last year on holiday in the Applecross Peninsula (Highlands) with his wife Carrie Symonds and their son Wilfred, “was carried away by the current” during a trip out to sea with a paddleboard, or with a canoe.

The premier would then be able to row towards the shore and was reached halfway by swimming by the bodyguards, who at first thought of sending a helicopter to look for him.

“He almost drowned. He was carried away by the current. He was swept away and found himself going further and further away,” the source said. “In the end it was fine but it could have been a catastrophe,” he added.

Downing Street declined to comment. The revelations come after it emerged that Johnson has been “side by side” multiple times with an official who tested positive at Covid after flying with him to Scotland this week.

The official attended a police event in the presence of the premier and traveled on the same flight to Aberdeen before testing positive. Downing Street said yesterday that Johnson – who is spending the weekend at the premier’s country residence in Checkers – has not been considered a close contact of the individual concerned and will not go into solitary confinement.


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