The day on Friday, October 15, 2021

Siberia, Italy, Greece, Albania, Spain, Turkey and of course California – there were serious forest fires in many countries this year. “That The balance between nature and fire changes“says Johann Goldammer from the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry. In California, for example, there used to be a fire between May, September and October, but it was quiet in the winter months.” Our colleagues in North America are now observing, that the fires burn practically all year round“Warns the fire ecologist. The cause? Climate change. Some forestry experts are therefore trying to make forests more” fire-resistant “. A topic that is also being discussed in Germany. From two perspectives, because” fire-resistant “also means that we have to cut back on it Make biological diversity in the forest. Why are fires useful? Why rural exodus favors forest fires? Why are most of them not natural disasters? Answers are available in the ntv climate laboratory.

Climate laboratory from ntv

What really helps against climate change? Klima-Labor is the ntv podcast in which Clara Pfeffer and Christian Herrmann scrutinize ideas that sound great, but which are not always clear about how useful they really are. Should we feed cows with seaweed? Equip cargo giants with large sails? Green hedge funds appointed to supervisory boards?

The ntv climate laboratory: Listen to it every Thursday – half an hour that informs and is fun. On, in the ntv app and wherever there are podcasts: Audio Now, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, Spotify, RSS feed

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