The Deadly Meal: Expert in Therapeutic Nutrition Reveals Risks of Popular Foods

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2023-11-21 11:20:36
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Al-Marsad newspaper: The expert in therapeutic nutrition, Dr. Bassam Abu Bakr, revealed a deadly meal.

Dr. Bassam said in the video that this meal was called fatal because it kills the brain and memory, increases the risk of strokes, affects memorization and interaction, kills the heart, causes heart attacks and clots, raises bad cholesterol and triglycerides, lowers good cholesterol, affects the efficiency of the liver, makes it waxy, that is, fatty, and increases obesity and weight. It affects the pancreas, increases the risk of diabetes, increases the risk of cancer, weakens bones and immunity, and affects kidney efficiency.

He explained that the contents of that meal are: 100 grams of hot dogs, 200 grams of french fries, 100 grams of white or fino bread, a can of Cola or an energy drink, 40 grams of ketchup, and 30 grams of mayonnaise, indicating that that meal contains 2,000. A minimum of calories and the equivalent of 100 grams of saturated and hydrogenated fats, approximately 100 grams of sugar, and very large amounts of salt, preservatives, and free impurities. A meal poor in protein, dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins leads to major health problems.

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