The death toll in a tourist bus fire has risen to 46

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A tourist bus has caught fire in Bulgaria, killing at least 46 people.

Record: November 24, 2021 03:23


More than 50 people from northern Macedonia, one of the southeastern European countries, traveled to Turkey by luxury bus. They ended their tour in Turkey and left for their home country on the heels of yesterday. Their bus was going to northern Macedonia via Bulgaria.

In this case, the bus was traveling on the highway near the village of Bosnek in the southwestern part of the country at 2 am yesterday according to Bulgarian time. Then, unexpectedly, the bus suddenly lost control of its driver. Thus the bus crashed into the road. The driver tried to stop the bus.

But his effort was in vain. Instead the bus crashed terribly into a roadside barrier. The bus immediately caught fire. Thus everyone on the bus screamed death. In the blink of an eye the fire spread throughout the bus and caught fire and all the tourists inside were trapped in the fire. Within seconds the bus was completely burned and wrecked.

Meanwhile, firefighters and police rushed to the scene after receiving information about the accident. Firefighters doused the fire with water. However, 46 people, including 12 boys, were burnt to death on the spot in the accident. 7 people were rescued with serious burns.

They were recovered and admitted to nearby hospitals for treatment. There are fears that the death toll could rise further as the condition of some of them is worrying. The cause of the accident was not immediately known and Bulgarian police are actively investigating.

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