The defamation of sensitivity

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Svenja Flaßpöhler and Richard David Precht: The two popular philosophers have recently faced tough headwinds with questionable statements about the corona vaccination. In a justification for his refusal to have children vaccinated, Precht lamented in Die Zeit that we “live in a society that is more sensitive than ever”. According to the philosopher, the violent reactions to his controversial views are evidently an expression of an excessive sensitivity that turns into intolerance. Is sensitivity one of the great problems of our hyper-nervous time? Precht evidently got this impulse from Svenja Flaßpöhler’s most recent essay “Sensibel”, as he suggested in his podcast with moderator Markus Lanz. For Flaßpöhler, high sensitivity is the phenomenon of our time, which the editor-in-chief of the “Philosophie Magazin” experiences as extremely irritated: language bans, being offended, cultural appropriation, gender.

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