The Democratic Party: “Savoi resigns from the provincial council of Trentino” –

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TRENTO. “The resignation of Alessandro Savoi as Provincial Councilor is the only possible barrier to a dangerous drift.” He says this in a long post on Facebook Lucia Maestri, secretary of the Trentino Democratic Party. “Our autonomy deserves respect. Institutions, home to us citizens and citizens deserve respect. Savoi councilor, resign! Trentino asks him aloud ”underlines Maestri.

“Savoi – writes Maestri – resigns as President of the League. The review citing the following reasons: “I resign from the role of party president, in order to avoid political exploitation that could damage the battles of the League on the local and national territory”. He resigns as President of the League taking responsibility for the grave words and formulating “the apologies to those who have felt offended by them in their personal dignity, rather than political and institutional”.

“Here I would say that the resignation as President of the League is really the so-called “minimum wage” – continues MAestri – difficult, on the other hand, to “exploit” those all too explicit words! But, unless the League is considered a Party-State, it is to the Institutions with their dignity, ability and authority in representing them that we must look at. Qualities that do not reside in the Savoi Councilor. Whoever sits inside the hemicycle, the highest seat of our autonomy, has the duty to always be up to the level of the institution they represent.

It seems to me that, here, it is the antipodes! Known un deafening silence from President Fugatti, also a member of the League. This is not his first awkward silence. Fugatti, normally does not meddle with “political facts”. So he said not long ago in a similar episode. Showing alas a pale sense of the institutions. I then turn to the President of the Kaswalder Provincial Council, because, following his manifest opposition to such attitudes, he may take the consequent measures “.

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