The demolition of Makkah slums will begin on Saturday

Jeddah: As part of a massive redevelopment project, demolition and debris removal work will begin on Saturday in the Saudi holy city of Mecca.

The official said that the slum demolition work is going on in an area of ​​6,86,000 square meters in Al Kadwa district.
Amjad Maghrabi, spokesman for the Makkah Slum Redevelopment Project, said phased demolition of the 6,86,000 square meter Al Qadwa will begin on Saturday.

Demolition of slum areas in Jeddah, part of the Makkah region, which was halted last Ramadan, has recently resumed. Last February, authorities launched plans to phase-out the densely populated slum area of ​​Makkah to build a beautiful Makkah city with the aim of eliminating the visual impairment of the holy city.


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