The demonstrations in Tehran: Germany in a sharp attack against Iran

German Foreign Minister, Analana Barbuk, stated this evening (Thursday) that she is “doing everything in her power so that the European Union imposes sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran.” This, following the death of the young woman Mahasa Amini, who was allegedly beaten to death by the “morality police” because she wore a hijab “sloppyly”, and the violent suppression of the demonstrations throughout the country.

In the meantime, Barmouk said that “the authorities in the Islamic Republic must immediately stop the brutal treatment of citizens who are protesting.” Also, later on, she called for an investigation into the death of Mahsa Amini and the death of other citizens who protested against her death.

Mehsa Amini (Photo: Reuters)

The statement by Germany’s foreign minister comes after turbulent days in Iran and dozens of deaths in protests that spread all over the country. the Iranian president, Ibrahim Raisi, harshly attacked the protesters and in an interview that was broadcast on state television in the country, he emphasized that “the Iranian people see the rioters, they should be prosecuted. The US is inciting the people and some people have been deceived and are endangering the security of the people. The issue of Mrs. Amini’s death was used as an excuse, but the people failed in the counter-revolution.” Also, the president testified that he spoke with Amini’s family and said that “I told them I would follow up on the matter. They also expressed their support for the regime.”

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