The DGT warns about how to act if we get caught in a snowfall on the road

The DGT warns about how to act if we get caught in a snowfall on the road

Traffic will be affected these days by heavy snowfall. According to the forecast of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), the snowfalls will mainly affect the Cantabrian Mountains, the Galician Massif, the Pyrenees, the Iberian System, the Central System and the Meseta. The snow level will go down over the days, below 800 in the affected areas throughout this Tuesday, to continue falling to lower levels throughout Wednesday. These precipitations can affect the circulation not only of regional and local roads, but also high-capacity roads, highways and dual carriageways such as the AP-66 León-Asturias, the A-67 Cantabria-Palencia, the A-52 Orense- Zamora, the AP-6/ A-6 Madrid-Segovia, the A-1 Madrid-Burgos, the A-92 Granada-Guadix, the A-92-N Granada-Puerto Lumbreras, the A-44 Jaén-Granada province border and the A-3 Cuenca. In cases where the snow affects the circulation of the roads, the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), to guarantee fluidity and road safety, provides us with a series of essential recommendations to follow. Standard Related News No A 100% electric compact: This is the Twingo that Piqué SM has bought With an 81 CV electric motor and a range of 190 kilometers, the small Renault has a starting price of 25,750 euros. leave the left lane clear to allow the passage of road maintenance vehicles and snow plows. Pay attention to the signs on the variable message panels and to the indications of the agents of the Traffic Group of the Civil Guard. Also exercise extreme caution when driving through the areas and roads affected by this provision, as well as having the appropriate means and equipment to travel safely, including chains or winter tires. MORE INFORMATION noticia No How “all-weather” tires work when there is snow on the road noticia No The driving schools, the only sector without unemployment, offer 3,000 jobs noticia No The DGT shows where to find ice sheets on the road It is also It is vitally important to know the colors of the snow and its driving conditions.


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