The director of the party “Les Centristes” in police custody for trafficking in synthetic cocaine

The director of the party “Les Centristes” in police custody for trafficking in synthetic cocaine

It’s a bit of a day of glory for this party with a very relative political weight. “Les Centristes (LC)”, or “Le Nouveau Centre”, a formation born in 2007, have for several days been at the heart of the national political game thanks to the debate on pension reform by carrying, with other independent elected representatives, territories and overseas territories, the transpartisan censure motion (LIOT) which almost brought down the government by nine votes. Among the figures of the movement, the former minister Hervé Morin or Charles de Courson, the deputy who brought the text to the National Assembly on Monday.

Alas, the arrest of a centrist executive is likely to tarnish the party’s image. According to our information, cross-checked with judicial sources, Nicolas Jeanneté, 57, was arrested on Monday by police officers from the narcotics brigade (BS) of the Paris judicial police in the 16th arrondissement of Paris and placed in police custody at the end of of day. Director of the party Les Centristes but also elected to the town hall of Paris in the 15th arrondissement, responsible in particular for security, he is suspected of having engaged in drug trafficking during so-called “chemsex” evenings, these evenings during which participants ingest large amounts of drugs to enhance their sexual performance. Risky consumption and a scourge of public health, the grim reality of which the Palmade affair has brought to light. A second man was also placed in police custody, a member of Nicolas Jeanneté’s family, as part of this preliminary investigation opened in August 2022 by the Paris prosecutor’s office for “drug trafficking”.

Resale of synthetic drugs

According to our information, BS investigators discovered that Nicolas Jeanneté had synthetic drugs such as 3MMC, a derivative of cocaine, delivered to his home by parcel. The politician then resold these illicit substances to his sex party partners. 3M™ comes in the form of a white powder or translucent crystals. Most of the time, she sniffs herself. But you can also swallow it, smoke it or even inject it and its effects are halfway between cocaine and amphetamines. A search is conducted at his home to search for narcotics. During their investigations, the investigators found that the elected official had been strongly absorbed in recent days by the use of 49.3 from the government to force through the pension reform.

On social networks, however, the elected centrist does not lack audacity and to slay the scourges of drugs. “During the last Paris council, I warned of the devastating effects of this new 3M™ drug consumed at chemsex parties. Already nine overdoses. I asked for free anonymous hotlines with addictologists and psychological support, ”wrote the fifty-something in November 2022 on Twitter when he was already targeted by the judicial investigation. “We must help social landlords to expel dealers and their families sentenced by the courts for drug trafficking”, wrote this elected official who sits at the town hall of Paris in the Republicans, Centrists and Independents group.

The police custody of the chosen one and that of the man of his entourage, his adopted son, can last 48 hours. This evening the Changer Paris group to which Nicolas Jeanneté belonged announced in a tweet that the elected representative of the New Center was suspended as a precaution “in view of the charges which contravene the values ​​defended by the group”.

“I learn with amazement that Nicolas Jeanneté is placed in police custody. Rachida Dati, with Agnès Evren and myself have decided to suspend him immediately from the group as a precaution, confirms Philippe Goujon, the mayor (LR) of the 15th century. I’m going to strip him of his security delegation first before trying to get him to resign from the board. »


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