The discographer: «Kalpa» by Lucio Miele, percussion and electronics to play the legend

twelve o’clock, March 10, 2021 – 11:39

The research on the origins of sound and the cosmos of the Campania musician has been published on CD by the Portuguese label Creative Sources

of Fabrizio Versienti

Classe 1988, Lucio Miele studied at the Conservatory of Salerno and then in Rome, Santa Cecilia. He uses percussion in combination with electronics to create a sonic space that asks to be “inhabited” by the listener. His approach is that of the contemporary musician who invents his own language, with the rigor that comes from his studies combined with the open-mindedness that his experiences in the jazz field have given him. After “Astrum», An album available only in digital in which he plays together with his instrument colleague Michele Ciccimarra, Miele now proposes “Sword», Also available on CD thanks to the good offices of the Portuguese label Creative Sources, which has been active for twenty years in the field of jazz improvisation and electronics. There are six original episodes, in three cases enriched by texts recited by Simona Fredella that move in a dimension between the mythical and the mystical, while further electronics have also been added by the technician Anacleto Vitolo. “Sword“, Also called” a day of Brahma “, is a Sanskrit term that indicates a cosmic cycle, a long and circular time that is measured on the infinite step of the universe or divinity; a time in which the astral bodies pass through phases of expansion and reabsorption which also involve total or partial destruction, called «Pralaya». Like the penultimate piece of the album, also subtitled “Sì dolce il tormento” with reference to the magnificent madrigal of Monteverdi (dear to the specialist Marco Beasley but also to Paolo Fresu and Uri Caine) where it speaks of the torment of love and a state of Suspension. Miele’s music alludes to greater forces, staging a vibrant sonic dramaturgy.

March 10, 2021 | 11:39

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