The discovery of a new anti-aging drug that extends life

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Al-Marsad Newspaper: Deputy Dean of the Russian Bioengineering College, Dmitry Vilensky, revealed a new anti-aging drug that extends life.

Dmitry said that the drug was called “blastometin” anti-aging, and the results showed that it extends the life of animals, according to the Russian TASS agency.

The effect of the treatment has been shown in mice, yeast, fruit flies, fish, dogs and rabbits, and is likely to be put on the market after it has passed all the required clinical tests.

“SkQ1 has been invented – a powerful antioxidant, capable of penetrating the mitochondria and combating free forms of oxygen at the site of its production,” Dmitriy Vilensky added.

He concluded: “On the basis of this substance, anti-aging agents were created, including Visomitin drops, Exomitin ointment for wound healing and MitoVitan cosmetics, all of which are available on the market.”

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