The Divine Human Woman: Jolly Joseph in Appreciation of the Art Master

Producer Jolly Joseph praised Kalamaster who remained a shadow for Meena who was alone after the death of her husband. Jolly says that being able to meet Kalamaster and being able to witness many things is a virtue in life.

In the words of Jolly Joseph:

On the afternoon of the 28th, I, who had some business in the office of the Railway General Manager in Chennai, left for Chennai by car on the afternoon of the 28th. It is my unwritten rule that after eight or nine o’clock at night, the journey is over and I stay at the nearest hotel, sleep well and leave in the morning. So we stayed at a small lodge on the Salem highway and I started the journey as a driver on the strength of coffee / dosa every morning.

At around nine o’clock, it was understood that discussions started in the working committee group of ‘Amma’, including Kailash, on the suggestions of Idavela Babu, the general secretary of ‘Amma’. The content of the discussion was that South Indian actress Meena’s husband Vidyasagar had passed away and she wanted to go to her house in Chennai to pay her respects to her ‘mother’, she had contacted many people in Chennai and everyone was busy and whether anyone could reach her house by 2 pm. He took responsibility.

No matter what anyone says, I have personally experienced the leadership skills of Babu Babu, who has a big heart. As per Babu’s suggestion, Kailash contacted Kala Master, a famous film choreographer, and learned that actor Baburaj had spoken to him and informed that Kailash would arrive in the afternoon on behalf of ‘Amma’. Abandoning the planned lunch meeting with the director and the writer, he mercilessly removed me from the job of chauffeur, who was driving straight, and left the car straight to Saidapet, Chennai.

In the meantime, Babu Reeth gave me what to write on WhatsApp.. When I contacted Kamaraj, the director of my Kannada film and a resident of Chennai, he tried to contact August and Karthik, the Chennai PROs of Malayalam films in Bangalore. Unfortunately, no one was on the phone. Immediately they got their Chennai Correspondent Samir through Romy Mathew of Manorama TV, Sameer who was somewhere in Chennai arranged a wreath for ‘Amma’ and called a taxi to reach home in time.

Kala Master had arranged a place for us to park our car near the house which was crowded with many police authorities, hundreds of media persons and thousands of fans.. In the meantime, many people from ‘Amma’ were also seen contacting Kailash on the phone. Rajinikanth sir was seen returning when Kala Master’s manager Riyaz Kailash, Samir and I were escorted inside the house by a large number of burly security men. As soon as he saw the Kala Master who was standing at the gate of the house, Kailash forgot the surroundings and saluted by touching their feet… They received us and introduced Meena madam.. Kailash took the wreath that was in my hand and offered it to ‘Amma’. More photos please…! Most likely, that photo taken by Sameer is the only photo taken inside the house by an outsider, published by Manorama, Mathrubhumi and other Malayalam media…!

It was the Kala Master who welcomed all the stars and literary and social politicians who came there including Rajinikanth sir and who became the backbone of that house. He was the one who gave the instructions for the next actions…I was very surprised by the art master who was doing many things at the same time and was investigating the affairs of many people…! I am proud to say that when we started to descend, we were taken to Madam Meena again and told her goodbye, and when she came with us to the gate of the house, we shook hands with respect to the art master, her femininity, and her leadership skills…!

Kala Master, you are not only a multi-talented multi-talented film choreographer of South Indian cinema, but also a very kind loving divine human woman, a legend… I am lucky to have met and witnessed many things. Kind regards Jolly Joseph


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