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The star closes the Rome Film Festival with Chloé Zhao’s «The Eternals»: «A film of love for humanity». In cinemas from Wednesday 3 November distributed by Disney

A superheroine fighter from the name borrowed from war goddess Athena, capable of transforming the cosmic force in deadly and changeable weapons but which is preaching cosmic love, brotherhood, watch out for the least. And also the strength of forgiveness. AND Angelina Jolie, in Rome with his fellow adventurers from «The

– the director Chloe Zhao (Golden Lion and Oscar for «Nomadland»), Gemma Chan (Sersi), Richard Madden (Ikaris) e Kit Haring, (Dane Whitman, the only human in the group) – for the closing film of the Film Festival and Alice in the city, where it is the very blond Thena.

A team of immortal superheroes, fruit of the imagination of Jack Kirby than them
created in 1976 mixing mythologies, from Mesopotamia to ancient Greece, born at the behest of the Gods (the Celestials) and sent by pianeta Olympia on Earth for defend humans by the Deviants. For the first time at the center of a film of their own, the 25th ofMarvel Cinematic Universe. We see them traveling freely in the weather (back and forth of seven thousand years) and in the space, up to Babylon and the Amazon, led by Invite (Salma Hayek). «A film that brings a love message for humanity and for the planet Earth ”, he summarizes Zhao, also a screenwriter.

Highly anticipated, like every new Marvel chapter. But a steal the show it was Jolie which repays the attention by indulging itself up all’ultimo selfie and the last autograph, already at the press conference where he showed patience and wisdom. “The gift ofimmortality? No thanks. Better to face everyday things, look at what we have and what we have lost ». Edith Piaf trend, does not regret anything. “I don’t believe in regrets, I’ve always thought that even in the hardest moments. Memories they can be a weight but they make you what you are. “

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Stay vague, free whoever listens to think about whether it refers to turbulent end of the union that made Hollywood dream, his marriage to Brad Pitt
or something else. Prefers to use the limelight for to send messages, for example against the stigma of mental distress. “Athena is one superheroine suffering from syndrome
post traumatic, that’s why I enjoyed playing it. We all carry scars from damage. I also have the signs of my wounds. With Chloé we talked a lot about my character. We wanted to show that people who have problems with mental health they can still be strong. It is important to emphasize this, especially for the younger generations».

Clear answer, from activist (And special correspondent of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees), when asked who they are heroines of contemporaneity. “The women at the forefront that every day
risk their lives for others, such as migrants. THE refugees themselves who fled not to fight, but to avoid war and try to give safety to theirs families“. It does not intervene directly on the tragedy of the death on set at Halina Hutchins, killed for
mistake by Alec Baldwin
, ma ci has a express solidarity. “As far as the strikes in Hollywood are concerned, it is important support workers and the unions fighting to obtain just and equitable conditions. I am not involved but I know you are looking for one right solution for everyone”.

It was his first time in a superhero movie. «The best thing is that ours strength comes from the group, not by individuals, we are a family ». Many firsts, in fact, for «The
Eternals». Before sex scene, very modest indeed, between Ikaris and Sersis, hitherto unpublished in a genre with protagonists traditionally asexual. First superhero openly gay, the Phastos di Brian Tyree tempted for a lifetime in the midst of humans, next to her husband and ten-year-old son. First hero played by Pakistani actor (Kumail Nanjiani), and of a heroine who expresses herself with the sign language.

No forcing, assures the director. «It comes from one Marvel’s choice that I share. The genus is experiencing a phase of revisionism as happened to the western in seventies. I am happy to be part of this change“. Angelina raises: «I hope it becomes there new normal“. She arrived in Rome with five of the six children, they walked around the streets in the center. Desire of normality this also. «The
goes out on November 3 with Disney. Advise: don’t get up before the fine of the credits.

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