The DJ who survived an assassination attempt first talks about the injury

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About a month and a half after he lost his legs in an assassination attempt in Nahariya, DJ Elior Sharabi referred to the tragic event. “I was in the wrong place and at the wrong time. I am not looking for culprits, there is a Father in heaven who does calculations for everyone and I trust him.”

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About a month and a half ago, DJ Elior Sharabi from Nahariya was seriously injured along with his brother Avi Moore (nephew of the head of the criminal organization, Michael Moore) when an explosive device exploded in the car he was traveling in with his brother and girlfriend. As a result of the incident, the brothers lost their legs. Today (Friday) Elior first commented on Instagram about the difficult event.

“My partner and I planned to do so many things that day and nothing came to fruition. A friend called me and suggested that my partner and I jump to him for a meeting, so of course I could not refuse,” Sharabi recalled in the post. “My big brother was just about to leave so I asked him to bounce me and my partner to a friend. We got off the elevator, got in the car and even then there was a strange feeling in the air. We felt something was wrong with the car but we thought it was just something small not to get excited about, so We kept going. “

“Then beeps in the ears everything is black and gray and full of sparks of fire in the air,” Sharabi wrote in reference to the explosion. “There was a moment when I did not understand so much what happened and shouted to my brother to stop the vehicle that was apparently flying from the powerful blast of the explosion. My brother tried in every way to stop the vehicle. The vehicle entered the guardrail and there I started to get the full picture. “

He said when he woke up in intensive care after being anesthetized and respirated, he opened his eyes, asked about his partner and found out that she came out of the incident unscathed. “I was told what happened and it took me a while to digest that I was in a car with a charger in it,” Sharabi repeated, “I do not know why and how but I do know that I was in the wrong place and at the wrong time. One I trust. “

Sharabi and his brother Moore underwent a rehabilitation procedure at the Galilee Hospital in Nahariya. They are still hospitalized in the rehabilitation ward. He says he intends to return to his job as a DJ. “I am on my feet and with the help of the name I will stand. It will take me time but in the end it will happen and when it does I will return to what I love to do – music. I received life as a gift.”

Oren, Elior’s father, also wrote an exciting post: “It’s a shame I was not there for you. Sorry you had such experiences when you were young and at the beginning of your journey. It’s hard for me to see you moan in pain and worst of all I can not help you. “You. One day your pain will pass, I promise.”

The post came a day after the Magistrate’s Court in Acre extended by five days the detention of the head of the criminal organization Shmulik Harush, who according to the police was the one who placed the charge that caused the explosion and the attempted assassination. Police estimate that Hemlock took revenge in this way on Avi Moore, nephew of Michael Moore, his bitter enemy.

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