The doctor told why in the fall coronavirus infection is the most dangerous

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The disease with the new coronavirus at any time of the year threatens with serious consequences. But in the fall, infection with them poses a particular danger, said the infectious disease specialist Yevgeny Timakov.

According to him, during this period, influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI) traditionally spread. This coincided with the increase in the incidence of COVID-19 in Russia. The combination of several infections makes the situation more difficult.

– Now there are autumn viral infections, in addition to coronavirus, and patients have a row or a joint course of several infectious processes. Autumn is not the best time to “date” COVID-19. It is necessary to reduce the amount of the virus that enters our body, – quotes the doctor radio Sputnik.

Timakov added that the disease with several infections is especially dangerous for people who have not yet had time to get vaccinated. Even if a person has already encountered small amounts of SARS-CoV-2, the resulting immunity will not cope with the higher viral load.

– The first meeting with COVID-19, most likely, has already happened for most people. The question is about the viral load that the person received. If it was insignificant, then the body with COVID-19 simply “meets” and “gets to know”. If we are talking about when is the best time to meet a serious dose of COVID-19, then when there is already immunity. You can get it through vaccination or illness, the doctor explained.

You can reduce viral load and reduce the likelihood of infection if you follow the mask regimen. But only vaccination can completely reduce the risk of combining several infections, Timakov concluded.

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We will remind, earlier the infectious disease specialist said that the current wave of the spread of coronavirus will be the most severe. According to his forecasts, the situation with the growth of cases can stabilize only by mid-December.


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