The dollar exchange rate exceeded 74 rubles for the first time since the end of August

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The dollar exchange rate in the course of trading on the Moscow Exchange exceeded 74 rubles. for the first time since August 27, according to data from the trading floor. As of 12:01 Moscow time, the dollar was worth 74.07 rubles. The euro exchange rate is also growing against the ruble, as of 12:07 Moscow time, the rate grew to 83.46 rubles, according to trading data.

The Russian stock market is falling, the Mosbirzh index is down 1.8% by the close of trading on November 19, according to trading data. At 12:10 Moscow time, the index dropped to 3944.23 points. The RTS index also dropped 2.47% at 12:11 Moscow time – to 1680.7 points.

Today, during trading, the cost of the January futures for Brent oil on the London ICE exchange decreased by 0.09% – to $ 78.82 per barrel. January futures on WTI rose 0.08% and is trading at $ 76 per barrel.

On November 19, data from the Emerging Portfolio Fund Research (EPFR) was released, which tracks the inflow and outflow of funds to investment funds and the distribution of funds. They said that the net outflow of funds from funds investing in Russian assets and bonds (including funds focused not only on the Russian Federation) amounted to $ 50 million in the week ended November 17 against an outflow of $ 10 million a week earlier.


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